[Here Comes the Garbage Barge] E–pub á Jonah Winter

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Here Comes the Garbage BargeThis story was about "a

Barge That Carries 3168 Tons 
that carries 3168 tons trash in the "garbage barge that carries 3168 of trash in the Seaboard during the late 1980s The barge begins in the Long Island town of Islip who is overcome by trash and tries to get rid of it by lanning to dump it in some farmers backyards But North Carolina turned the barge away as other laces did as well Louisiana Alabama Mississippi Texas Florida Mexico and Belize The barge returns to New York Harbor while the oliticians decide what to do with their trash Six months later they decide to burn it in a Brooklyn incinerator This books theme is Go Green and helped Americans Never Sweeter pay attention to their trash and introduced recycling The illustrations are great in this book and highly recommend you have this when teaching about recycling or ways to conserve This is a one of a kind cautionary. This New York Times Best Illustrated Book is a mostly true and completely stinky story that is sure to make you say “Pee yew” Teaching environmental awareness has become a nationalriority and this hilarious. ,

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Tale about the repercussions of the throw away without thinking mentality Throughout the story Cap m Duffy St Pierre of New Orleans travels with a barge full "of garbage from Long Island New york all the way to Belize with many stops along "garbage from Long Island New york all the way to Belize with many stops along way Colorful collouial language and illustrative text tell the true story of the Break of Dawn barge and the tons and tons of trash literally that it hauled up and down the coast The illustrations are hotographs of three dimensional figures created by Jonah Winter at Red Nose Stu Text to teach connection This is a great book on keeping the environment clean and could be used as art of a thematic unit on the earth the environment or even to be read on earth day The students could see how much trash there is and how sometimes trash can actually be used for art All of the. Book subtly drives home the message that we can’t Steam Heat produce unlimited trash without conseuencesBefore everyone recycled There was a town that had 3168 tons of garbage and nowhere tout it What did they do Enter. Students could make a ortrait "Out Of People S Trash "of eople s trash could actually use arts of apers or Materials that are considered trash but are actually sanitary Let me roceed carefully here 1 Here Comes the Garbage Barge is based on the true story of the barge loaded with #Long Island garbage that meandered up and down the Atlantic coast rejected at every ort from New York #Island garbage that meandered up and down the Atlantic coast rejected at every ort from New York Belize during the summer of 1987 2 Jonah Winter is a terrific author of children s nonfiction I would not and will not assemble a school library without his biographies of Sandy Koufax Dizzy Gillespie Sonia Sotomayor Diego Rivera and othersThere s a big BUT coming read about it on Pink Me Love it I m old enough to remember the real story and think Winter and Red Nose Studio have done a fantastic job with it reading it aloud was a blast super. it aloud was a blast Super. Garbage BargeAmazing art built out of junk toys and found objects by Red Nose Studio makes this the erfect book for Earth Day or any day and hotos on the back side of the jacket show how the art was create. .