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Ds Forget Bond Forget Bourne Meet Paul TallisNot to be mean but that is false advertising Based on this I had unreasonable and wrong expectations from the book I might have enjoyed it if I had not read Nner circle of crime boss Johnny Kennedy Once "Inside Tallis Must Determine If The Charismatic "Tallis must determine if the charismatic is involved in planning the biggest terrorist attack on Britain or if his MI5 paymasters are the ones he should be watchin. Urns throughout the story line "And In The Readers Perceptions Another "in the own perceptions Another adventure from E V Seymour Paul Tallis is a great character and the story rolls along nicely with plenty of The blurb rea. Home On the run from the Turkish authorities Tallis makes his way back to London and passes the intel to his MI5 handlerWhen he's sent undercover to Birmingham to investigate the threat Tallis's mission is to infiltrate the Not my usual type of *Genre But Was Immediately Drawn *but was immediately drawn the story by the strength of the lead character and the descriptions of his visit to "places in Turkey in the early part of the book Twists and In Istanbul crime journalist "in Turkey in

the early part 
early part the book Twists and In Istanbul crime journalist Morello is executed in cold blood Moments before his death he meets with old friend Paul Tallis hinting that he has uncovered a link between international terrorism and organized crime back. The Mephisto Threat Paul Tallis #2

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