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Cute novellas from Harleuin s authors though none was ESPECIALLY OUTSTANDING I PICKED THIS UP FOR THE SHORT outstanding I picked this up for the short by Vicki Lewis Thompson A Calculated Risk Because Roni the heroine of the story is freuently eferred to in Thompson s Sons of Chance seriesSadly this was actually the worst of the novellas Most of the story is taken up by drama between Judd Roni s love interest and Tucker the driver of the car I like that Thompson picked a crew chief and a mechanic for a NASCAR story something a little different but inevitably as the story s focus #Isn T On The Couple It Falls #t on the couple it falls Outside Chance by Nancy WarrenThe second story in the anthology is about Lucy a thirty something who succumbs to a lame dating advice book She knows it s lame but follows the advice to go where the men are ight to Daytona before a ace Unfortunately her internet date is a married man and a total scumbag In a #fit of age she punches the air accidentally hitting Sawyer PattonSawyer #of age she punches the air accidentally hitting Sawyer PattonSawyer a Cannibal Encounters: Europeans and Island Caribs, 1492–1763 rookie driver about toace for the first time and he finds Lucy a great distraction for his nervesThe story is sweet and enjoyableThis Time Around by Dorien KellyMegan is a ookie driver back from vacation Only her vacation fling Chris followed her to Daytona There s some unnecessary angst between Chris and his father who is a team owner but Megan and Chris are eally cute togetherThe anthology. She's plotted the courseCar chief Roni Kenway has a plan She'll save her acing team and hopefully convince her crew chief Judd Timmons that she's the perfect mix of business and pleasure But will she coast down Victory Laneor crash into the wallShe's in DaytonaHau. On the whole is good if you have a spare afternoon Racing Hearts AnalogyHarleuin NASCAR LibraryA Calculated Risk Vicki Lewis ThompsonAfter one woman s actions destroy the team camaraderie another woman tries to epair it Roni Kenway works for Lovejoy Racing She has secretly been in love with the crew chief Judd Timmons for two years and she is good friends with THE DRIVER TUCKER MERRITT STILL HER MAIN FOCUS IS driver Tucker Merritt Still her main focus is team and she
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determined to bring the men back together And secretly she hopes that Judd will see her as a woman this Valentines DayAn Outside Chance Nancy WarrenLucy Vanderwal felt like a spinster on a shelf Following the advice from a book for a last chance at love she ends up at Daytona week to meet a fellow NASCAR fan It went all wrong with the guy she went there to meet she d been duped Big time Thank goodness for Sawyer Patton the Ragana ir lietus rookie driver she accidentally meets Her vacation isn t a total loss after all and maybe her love life isn t eitherThis Time Around Dorien KellyMegan Carter enjoyed aelaxing vacation before heading for her first NASCAR Sprint Series with Hammond Racing Her time with Chris Donahue was amazing and she Beasts and Savages really missed him but leaving him was theight thing to do Their lives were too different and he had his Beebo Brinker restaurant far away and she had heracing If only she could convince her heart she did the ight thi. Nted by a sadistic book about last chance love Lucy Vanderwal hopes a trip to Daytona will end with love But when she discovers her last chance guy is a lemon Lucy meets ookie driver Sawyer Pattonand learns love But when she discovers her last chance guy is a lemon Lucy meets ookie driver Sawyer Pattonand learns a late starter can be a winnerAnd she's behind the ,
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Ng And now she seems to be hallucinating because she could have sworn she just saw Chris here in Daytona far far away from his island paradisehttpjustjudysjumblesblogspotcom I stopped Gendering the Trans-Pacific World reading this book when Iealized I wasn from his island paradisehttpjustjudysjumblesblogspotcom I stopped El show de Grossman reading this book when Iealized I wasn going to get a sex scene Sorry if that is lame or shallow but I Minor Marriage in Early Islamic Law readomance books so that I get to see the whole picture The writing was goodfinenot bad at all It was just personal appeal for me I stopped Plato and the Power of Images reading at page 72 because the topic was getting boring for me I hate everything to do with NASCAR and did notealize when getting this book from the library that it was about NASCAR I was just getting it based on one of my fav author s having written part of it so that was also my bad I flipped thru and found a hint of a sex scene but it was a bluff Then I flipped thru the whole book and nada So I just decided to stop A Vulcan's Tale: How the Bush Administration Mismanaged the Reconstruction of Afghanistan reading Like I said my score is based on what I expect from a Harleuinomance novel This book just didn t deliver what I was wanting or expecting based on previous experience with this genre or publisher I liked this book It S Good For s good for uick The House by the Thames: And The People Who Lived There read I wouldead it again but as when I don t have a lot of time but want somethig to Professor Unrat read I liked the dynamics and how the stories were all different as in they included the differentoles of nascar The stories weren t all about the same situation about a driver Enjoy. HeelDriver Megan Carter just got back from a dream vacation sun sand and a sizzling fling with Chris Donahue Now all she needs is to prove herself on the Kämpfer Der Hoffnung: Wie Ich Den Kindern Madagaskars Eine Zukunft Gab race track But how can she do that when Chris turns up in her garage in hereal life and says he's there to st.