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Ntal pregnancy Suddenly Max s level of commitment is now in uestion even though Tara has been happy overall view spoilerProdded by her worried mother to tell Max he s going to even though Tara has been happy overall view spoilerProdded by her worried mother to tell Max he s going to a daddy Tara runs away afterwards because she s worried Max may want her to abort the baby She s also disappointed that he s only recently asked her to travel with him on his freuent business trips because of her new sexually adventurous side implicitly explained by pregnancy hormones This nexplained flight is a bit stressful for Max but it s a good thing for Tara as it gives her time to regroup and give him her ltimatum if Max truly loves her and wants their baby then he ll have to prove it with actions not words hide spoiler heroine too irritating clingy for my taste Great start though I thought I would love this but This book read like 1974 than this century this but This book read like 1974 than this century heroine has been dating the titular magnate for a year She s 24 and of cour I really liked the bookMax was a good n well developed characterhe knows what he wants and takes decisions accordingly but Tara irritated me her constant taunting retorts and way she constantly degrades herself by mistress words sex slave and what notMax is one who keeps telling her she is not his mistress he loves her and she is her girlfriend then why does she keeps degrading her love by such commentsshe is one. Ved Max for himself not for the gifts he gave her their glamorous life or even their intense lovemaking But now she was expecting his bab. .

Have to say I found This Book As Dull As as dull as I m I was yawning It had no real emotional excitement It was all wham bam thank you ma am I expected romance and love in the book and yet when the hero said he loved the heroine I felt absolutely nothing It just felt like a very poorly written book to me nfortunately I hated the heroine I really felt bad for her baby because it was obvious to me this heroine would never be a good mother She was too cold good one this was a light and straight kinda read max was obviously besotted but he did not know how to handle a young and inexperienced girl like tara add to dat she was gorgeous and stunning and he was afraid of losing her i liked dat things happened spontaneously and they did not rush into anything She was annoying he was too nice maybe a little oblivious No real conflict 180 wasted pages A bit of a fantasy that some manslut who Leaving Loneliness used a young woman strictly for sex for a whole year then becomes caring and appreciative and wants to marry her but that s what we read these for eh The fantasyThe Hh makes a cameo in the later book Not a Marrying Man Harleuin Presents Shy and sweet Tara decides to reuest commitment from her domineering jet setting boyfriend Max but only after a series of events cause her toestion their one year relationship The catalyst is her accide. He wanted her as his mistress but as the mother of his child Tara was millionaire Australian hotel magnate Max Richmond's mistress She lo.
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Confused woman i tell you first herself asking about Max s past infact insisting and then taunting n give disdain looks to Max if you can t handle it then why ask let it be in the pastfirst time i came across a book where hero handles the The Man They Wanted Me to Be unwanted pregnancy nicely and heroins goes demented heheI know Tara s mistrust and way she degrades herself and her love all is coloured by what her mother keeps telling her and calling her rich man s mistress and play thing and her mother s fears are alsonderstandable cause Max never takes her to his house to meet his parents or overseas holidays or even discusses the business but they do have pillow talks about their families and past tragediesLiked Max and other secondary characters but Tara irritated me somewhat but then the reader can actually nderstand her fears insecuritiesIt was a good readOnce readable This is not really half bad Hero isn t really a douche and he never really half bad Hero isn t really a douche and he never to treat the heroine as a mistress I don t even know what on earth that isHe is actually serious about the girl and even though he s a little commitment phobic he still sees a future with the heroine And he treats her with the respect a girlfriend deserves What was missing was communication I really did enjoy the book Then again I m a little biased about Miranda lee and I m a sucker for sweet cliched romance. Y the estion was should she stay or should she go Tara was convinced there was no place for a pregnant mistress in Max's life or was the.