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E was rejected by most of her siblings her father and others at some time or other What does that do to a personalityGill also inserted herself into the biography I think *THIS AND I BELIEVE THAT AGAIN *and I believe that again of an ducational thesis but I ve never seen that in a trade biography Again why not just leave out I think and make the statement But Astonishing Was Gill S Claim That She Read A A was Gill s claim that she read a a century hand written document and believed she could identify the writer of that document Emma Ware because Gill had seen Ware s signature From a signature No As for feminism at one point in the narrative a woman wants her husband to move away from working with the attractive and unmarried MBE and he does Gill refers to this man as henpecked OopsAnd Gill than once uses that most patriarchal of terms illegitimate Mary Baker Eddy is a tricky person to get a handle on and Gill presents here the most scholarly objective overview in a very long and fraught canon of Eddy biography This definitely supersedes Robert Peel s three volume biography which was good for its time but is outdated and tends toward hagiographyGill was hampered by limited access to sources though she had than any non Church biographer ver has and by a limited understanding of the Christian Science faith itself but no one can say she did the job halfway This is an xhaustive undertaking and not an Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice easy read it will take you some time The writing style tends toward the ponderous and the speculative almost a necessity with a figure as controversial and slippery as Eddy and Gill inserts far too much of herself into the textThat is not to say this is a bad book it s really uite good Just that any reader should have an idea of its flaws in mind and that the definitive biography of Eddy has yet to be written IT IS DONE Three months later Fascinating portrait of anra and one of the few female leaders of the time As thorough a biography as is possible The Church of Christ Scientist still keeps a close watch on Eddy s papers Gill saw some but not all which makes her achievement here all the remarkable Eddy has long been a target of character assassination Her rationalist bent in theology often appears ridiculous to the non believer How much puzzling to the outsider then is the fact this woman single handedly created one of the larger Christian denominations in the US by herself during a time when women could not ven vote And that she didn t by herself during a time when women could not ven vote And that she didn t start doing so until her late forties and two marriages Gill does battle with Eddy s scoffers and their The Bookshop on the Shore existing canon of anti hagiography by defending Eddy as a person and importantly as a woman without succumbing into religious adoration or skirting so to speak tough issues A recommended read I just started this but amxcited by it so far It s really massive and one of the few bios on Mary Baker Eddy not written by a Christian Scientist or a major CS critic It s a good companion to the other MBE bio I m reading which is from 1907 and was totally CS sanctioned Gill s bio style is appealing thus far She also wrote one on Agatha Christie Which I don t think I ll rea. By Joseph Pulitzer and his New York World alleging that she was at least senile and possibly not Dance Real Slow even alive In thisnthralling biography we rediscover Mary Baker Eddy as a radical Christian thinker pioneer in the recognition of mindbody connections survivor of scandal and target of both admiration and scorn from such minent contemporaries as Mark Twain Gillian Gill's sense of drama her critical acumen and her delicious wit bring to life a brilliant religious leader whose message has new meaning in our time. ,

Mary Baker Eddy Radcliffe Biography SeriesThis description of a woman who started out life penniless and homeless and who in her middle years founded a religion which is still going strong decades after her death is astonishing It is also well documented due to the Christian Science church having given the author unprecedented access to their archives The wealthy lderly Ms Eddy The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life ended up becoming the nemesis of Mark Twain of all people onarth which only goes to prove that reality is stranger than fiction Such clear writing taking a controversial subject and making it goes to prove that reality is stranger than fiction Such clear writing taking a controversial subject and making it to understand specially her way of recognizing all the different sources and previous bios of MBE Read her book of Florence Nightingale and really appreciated the feminist perspective she brought to that subject and her perspective for MBE was specially appealing to me Too often I think we guys do not understand what women and specially 19th women went throughHer description of the steps she took to get almost full access to the archives of the Mother Church really had the feel of investigative journalism I knew of her from my youth but being told she may have been the most powerful women in the arly 20th Century really amazed me but with 800000 followers and a relative fortune I can see it Gillian Gill captured I believe her drive cantankerousness philosophy but important she told one hell of a great story One needs no background in Christian Science to really PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition enjoy this book I found this very readable absorbing and thoughtful In particular I appreciated Gill s approach as articulated in the introduction of trying to produce both sides of the story I felt that she researched thoroughly and was fair inuisitive sympathetic skeptical ultimately honest The start felt richer than thend at times towards the very Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography end it seemed that she assumed some familiarity with the history of Christian Science which I don t have Otherwise delightful such a great insight into how women leaders were handled in society and in the media of the time Not so much a biography as a history of Mary Baker Eddy and the times in which she lived which influenced many of her activities and decisions It is certainly a wonderfully researched well documented and objective warts and allxamination if not a little dry in some spots In the The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, end though shemerges most human complex and inconsistent but with an insatiable desire to *Devote Herself To Studying *herself to studying Science she discovered This is a very long book 520 pages of text plus 180 pages of footnotes plus an unusable index names with long lists of page numbers It gives all the information about Mary Baker Eddy that would satisfy any reader but it is written in an academic style rather dry And facts and presumptions aren t noughGill spent about 40% or of the book refuting statements made by other biographers leaving me to feel that I should have read all of those books first so I would understand her references Mentioning other biographies so often is unnecessary and jumbles up the author s message Why not just state your own research Gill used different names for Mary Baker Eddy depending on which husband she. In 1866 a frail impoverished invalid middle aged widowed and divorced rose from her bed after a life threatening fall asked for her Bible and took the first steps toward the founding of the Christian Science Church Four decades later she was revered as their leader by thousands of churches in the US and Europe had founded a national newspaper and had become probably the most powerful woman in AmericaWho was this astonishing woman the mother of the Mother Church How did she prepare for her illustrious career. .

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Was married to This was ultra confusing because there are many Marys in the book as well as many Glovers and Pattersons and referring to Mary Glover or Mary Patterson or Mary Eddy caused a great deal of concentrated ffort to keep track of The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl exactly which person Gill was meaning Why not just use MBE And oddly the author chose to always call her Mrs Mrs Glover Mrs Patterson Mrs Eddy So how about Mrs MBEWhile this was annormous project and clearly Gill did a lot of research the book had a lot of facts and theories but it lacked depthMBE founded a religious movement but there is no discussion of comparative religion in the book Surely MBE s upbringing as a Calvinist with a father who was a strict Calvinist and highly controlling would have had a great influence on MBE psychologically And for MBE to break from that stricture and form a new religion was Exile and Pilgrim enormous psychologically but Gill doesn t pursue this path Noxplanation of Calvinism or how many people were of that denomination in Mary s life Or what the religious xpectations of her community were No discussion of how New England land of the Puritans and Calvinists was home to mesmerists fortune tellers and spiritualists holding seances and how they related to the general population or Calvinists specially How was MBE able to overcome her upbringing psychologically break out as it were and attend seancesAs MBE able to overcome her upbringing psychologically break out as it were and attend seancesAs womanhood and MBE s health Gill makes reference to hysteria but doesn t Hannah Montana: The Movie explain what what thst was and how doctors treated it with laudanum Gill also makes a weak conclusion about MBE being anorexic instead of hysteric because she ate very very little during a period of childhood however at that time MBE was under a doctor s prescribed diet Lacking was anxploration how the provincial strictures on MBE had an ffect on her livelihood and day to day living as a child a widow and abandoned wife Remind us that there was no lectricity by stating how lonely it would have been after dark stuck in one room in a boarding house after her second husband left And no discussion of the ffects on Patterson of MBE being bedridden during their marriage The author discusses Phineas uimby a man that healed MBE to the xtent that she was no longer bedridden after several years and MBE sought out uimby s healing until his death Some attribute at very least the genesis of Christian Science to uimby because MBE spent afternoons alone with him presumably asking uestions about his healing methods In the book Gill states that uimby used rror as a synonym for illness before MBE and also the term animal magnetism before MBE Her critics charge that MBE plagiarized uimby s writings and Gill says no one can read them because they are so badly written I read them and found them only a little convoluted than MBE s writings Gill refutes the plagiarism and I agree but Gill does not delve into the concepts I agree but Gill does not delve into the concepts healing which Is Really ImportantA Discussion Of really importantA discussion of psychology of poverty was needed Not just that MBE was destitute for years but what happens to a person under that kind of stress Further what is the psychology of rejection MB. During her years of obscurity and what was her inspiration for the healing practices and doctrine of Christian Science Gillian Gill a non Christian Science Scientist scholar who managed to win unparalleled access to the Church archives offers here an ntirely new look at Mary Baker EddyFor the first time readers will see the Cardiovascular Pet: Current Concepts extraordinary leadership skillsxercised by Mrs Eddy despite the repressive forces facing women in her time For the first time we learn the full story of the bizarre attack on Mrs Eddy.