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Very interesting book about college life in the late 90 s The culture of both students and staff the history the bureacracy the business of colleges and a #lot about what modern college students go through Kind of dated now was published in 1997 #about what modern college students go through Kind of dated now was published in 1997 interesting book about the reality behind the facade of college and university life Reading it I ept.

On One Level The 
one level the of higher education is still as Matthews puts it 'a chunk of the 20th century dropped live and suabbling on the threshold of the 21st' But behind the stately trees and lovely towers a powerful hidden life has taken root as academe is buffeted by the same economic and demographic forces that are drastically reshaping the rest of society What's going on in there And while we're at it What Exactly These Days Is College For exactly these days is college for and mapping the academic year Matthews casts a searchlight in turn on those. .

Anne Matthews ò 7 Summary

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Bright College Years Inside the American Campus TodayS should be as well as THE DEEP PROBLEMS TROUBLING S deep problems troubling America s education Topics range from the youth party culture to learning outcomes to education to funding and to tenure debates among many others Sophisticated informed complex ambitious literary fiction which sadly is a dying art This is a fine example and deserves to be much better How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead known. Ling trailer house campuses like South Dakota's Sinte Gleska the nation's first Native American university Throughout Matthewseeps in unsparing focus the conflicts between our competing images of what college is supposed to be show business rite of passage profit machine private planet gateway to nowledge and power Irreverent engrossing vastly entertaining and intensely observed Bright College Years is one veteran journalist's and native daughter's inside scoop on a beloved American institution in the grip of enormous chang. Thinking I could do something like this do it better "Intelligent Funny Sad Extremely Well Researched Will Someday Be Recognized "funny sad extremely well researched Will someday be recognized a classic nonfiction In the new journalism style Anne Matthews explores what it means to be a college student what it means to administrate or teach at college and discusses what the goals of our nation s universitie. Who learn those who teach and those who arrange especially the makers and managers of money and image whose methods shape higher education strongly every year In the process she goes behind the scenes at Every Type Of School type of school state universities like Texas or Arizona where finding French class reuires a map and a bus ticket; sleek country club schools like Vanderbilt or USC where student allowances can exceed faculty salaries; fiercely specialized colleges like Cal Tech where students dream in computer languages; strugg.

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