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Dopeman Memoirs of a Snitch

JaQuavis Coleman ô 3 review

Etty good I don t think this is the last one though This was a very good read Couldn t put it down This was street lit done so right It really had it all drugs murder mayhem and a little bit of love thrown in Seven is a ingpin you can t but help to
He is ruthless BUT HAS SOFTER SIDE TO HIM AS WELL has a softer side to him as well is shown with his son and with Ball who he took under his wing There were so many un expentencies in this book that it really had me on the edge of my seat Lola was the total shocker for me I never in a million years expected her to turn out the way she did I am a bit disappointed that everyone ends up dead I A World on Fire know this is to be expected from an A or J book but this sometimes gets annoying For once I d like to see someone survive and live to tell another story Other than that a gr8 read Very good book I hate how it ended I didn t want Lil Rah toill everybody This was a great book and a great end to a fantastic trilogy Loved The Book From the book from to end Loved the twists that were thrown in there too Highly recommend this book OMG I cried my eyes out at the end J showed out on this one Seven swag his crayn jus the way he s described as a father melts my hurt I jus win Ball would ve FINISHED HIS BREAKFAST wen it came to Millie All the twist and turns had my head spinning Jus wondering wat really happen to Lola and lil ball TEAMSEVEN I think the book was great im suprised rah came back being the way he was now get ready to read a story bout rah I will be looking for it Wow I never say that coming this book was off the chainits the best book i read all year so farkeep up the great work In my opinion this was the best one out. N up and coming hustler and takes him under his wing Unbeknownst to Seven his protégé works for the authoritiesThe young hustler falls in love with a woman who is off limits and he has to make a difficult decision that puts many people's lives at riskLola Banks is the daughter of a well Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life known hit man and street legend in Of the trilogy and then the dopefiend m upset that Seven is gone but then again AJ alwaysill the main characters Although was suppose to ill Millie Seven should ve been the one to do it because that was his beef And of course it came back to bite him in the ass Lola definitely surprised me I didn t think she would be feds That was crazy I agree though with what Seven thought she wouldn t have turned on him Ball in my eyes yea he was a snitch but he did some real shit when he got up on the stand and lied HE COULD VE TOLD THE TRUTH BUT YOU SEE could ve told the truth but you see new Seven was a real ass dude so he saved face a little with me when he switched the story up I liked him and Sevens bond He was put in a tuff decision Back it up to the beginning Zoey was dumb af She was the reason for her own death That same night before he left when he had came home and she snuck out the closet he had came home and she snuck out the closet told her then don t be sneaking up on him and what does she do when he comes back home Sneaks up on him Like girllll that was dumb Now Lil Rah That boy smooth with it Calculated af Jauavis is so talented with his writing Notice how one chapter when they were having Sunday dinner Lil Rah made a comment about his paper he wrote and Seven bragged on his writing skills And then the plot twist came and turns how he was the write interviewing Ball I love it Its always some minor jewels throughout all his books I m glad he was getting revenge for his dad Ball Lola were basically the reason for Sevens untimely demise So I understand why Rah was full of revenge they were the reason he was left all alone to grow up and battle cancer The Dopeman trilogy was definitely worth the read. Hio When she lays her eyes on the out of townersnitch it becomes a forbidden love She is caught in a web of lies and deceit only to get the hurtful truth on the last page This is a hustler's love story at its absolute finestThe conclusion to this story is so unpredictable and intelligent that no one will see it coming no one. ,

Gangsta or notreal or fa adehonorable or snitch Seven Smith is still the ing of the Midwest dope game he and his crew Are Riding The Wave Of riding the wave of without repercussion Braylon Ball Kennedy is a local drug dealer stacking his chips and loving his lady Zoey until one fateful night disintegrates his focus his dreams and his ambition in the game Braylon finds himself in a fruitless position as he has to a difficult choicestay true to the streets or allow the law to pimp him out in their uest to bring down a fellow gangsta Seven and Ball connect a crossroads in both of their lives and against the code of instinct a change is about to comeCan Seven s reign continue with Johnny Law gunning relentlessly for his downfall Has he lost that seventh instinct of smell and is unable to sniff out the malodorous scent of a rat in his camp Has Seven s life lessons and losses impaired his judgment his gangsta Will Ball s true mentality allow him to complete this assignment or will he renege costing him his freedom and possibly his life Dopeman 3 lacked the energy that s expected upon seeing a Jauavis Coleman stamp Upon reading this story I was constantly uestioning Seven s voice and actions I even thought some to be uite contradictory Dopeman 3 s saving grace was the unexpected twists toward the endwhich basically saved this finale because as much as I hate to say it the fizzle was mos def low ey I felt that this was a half hearted effort and that this wasn t a decent portrayal of the caliber of work that this author is capable of I also must add that once Millian Millie still got that pop that allows her to steal any scene she graces 388 It was pr. Dopeman Memoirs of a Snitch is a complex tale about the life and times of one the biggest drug traffickers the Midwest has ever seenThe FBI has launched an intricate plot to take down one of the most prolific drug organizations in the summer of 2009 and Seven Smith is their main target Seven establishes a relationship with .