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Ogether to protect settlers against Indian and Mexican raids Utley takes the reader through legislation and historical documents as he examines the myth legend raids Utley takes the reader through legislation and historical documents as he examines the myth legend fact surrounding the Rangers founding and their growth into the law enforcement agency known today The history of the Rangers is interwoven with the uniue history of Texas itself and makes for some great reading The one thing Utley doesn t shy away from it the fact that not all the Ranger were exemplary men Some were brutes that not all the Ranger were exemplary men Some were brutes bullies driven be a deep seated cultural prejudice against Mexicans and Native American but the ones that stand out were also courageous natural born leaders If ou want to learn about the Rangers this is a great place to start LIBRARY BOOKS TO HEAD OF THE books to head of the grew up on westerns and the Texas Rangers were a standard there was even a TV series from 1955 to 1959 though it was a sort of non typical format This book while not the best out there isn t badWe start with the Texas revolution and the Texas Ranging Companys conceived by Stephen Austin and follow the history of the Rangers through the Kotlin - Les fondamentaux du dveloppement d'applications Android years The character of the Rangers changed over theears From citizen soldiers often in temporary service on to the establis Books about the history of the American West in the opinion of book buyers do not rank with books about the history of the American Revolution the American Civil War or World War II But there is no lack of adventure excitement or colorful characters in the history of the American West and there is no better chronicler of that history than Robert M UtleyIn Lone Star Justice Utley captured all the passion and drama that was the early ears of the Texas Rangers Beginning as a rag tag group of volunteer militiamen always brave and usually undisciplined Utley traces their history until they became the heroic icons of legendAs a son of Texas familiar with the Alamo and San Jacinto Utley enriched my historical knowledge of the vital role the Texas Rangers played in shaping protecting and mythologizing the great state of Texas And for that I m grateful A history of the Texas Rangers tracing how they evolved from a militia fighting border wars with the Indians and Mexicans to becoming a law enforcing unit which they are better known for An honest account which shows up the best in the Ranger tradition but does not shy away from their worst defeats and rogues who shamed the Ranger name The second half of the book tracing the Ranger exploits as they tracked outlaws and engaged in shootouts was a particularly exciting read Recommended if ou like Westerns. Essor Emeritus of History at Yale UniversityA thorough joba fine book  Larry McMurt. E very first example of what we today as state police and in that capacity dealt with feudists fence cutters outlaws renegade out of the Nations and still Mexicans The one great omission in his story and he admits his notes contained many stories that never made it to the final draft lies in the fact that as above mentioned early Texas was a sanctuary for lawless Anglos as well as a target for non white troubles possibly of one than any other similar region being for over two decades either a Mexican possession or an independent republic where US law s writ didn t run and American officers couldn t function I don t doubt that many of these in effect early outlaws made their share of mischief in antebellum Texas Colp yet the book includes nothing about Ranger efforts if any to deal with them which is why I give it only four stars It s possible there are other volumes around that remedy this discrepancy but I haven t read themet if and when I do I may have something to say about them Still I found it a valuable and informative book and one that anyone interested in the history of early Texas should read This is an excellent history of the Texas Rangers and how they evolved into the responsibilities of protecting citizens of Texas first as a Republic and then as a state What provided the Rangers their success when others had failed was the adoption of the Colt six shooter as their gun of choice Mexicans indians and the malcontents they faced had nothing in their arsenal to match this weaponThe story is not all favorable Racism was rampant as well as their being used to fight the formation of unions They were often too uick to dispense justice by the gun rather than taking the time and effort to see a situation for what it really WASGREAT HISTORY AND EXCELLENT WRITING VERY history and excellent writing Very and easy read of Texas Rangers One thing to remember when they talk about Mexican bandits most of the time it is Mexican ranchers getting back Nana s cattle But it shows the formation of a suad of justice that eventually formed the calvary used by guys like JEB Stewart Utley analyizes the history of the Texas Rangers from the days of Mexican colonial Texas through the beginning of the 20th century He traces the metamorphis from local Indian fighters to a stae wide law enforcement agency Both good and bad are presented although he protrays the Democratic party as heroic saints Thie work is not a rah rah fluff piece In Lone Star Justice Utley discusses the first century of the iconic Texas lawmen the Texas Rangers Tracing their history as a civilian force drawn T  Howard Lamar  author of The New Encyclopedia of the American West Sterling Prof. ,

Started reading last week Initially it was difficult to put down Excellent Informative Helps to uench the thirst for Ranger historyFinally finished this book It was a slow slog What I liked about the book is that Utley tells it like it was I grew up idolizing the Rangers because in the movies they were always the good guys Utley tells their early story warts and allI learned much about the Rangers For example they started or less as a citizen militia to fight Comanches and then the Mexicans during the Texas War for Independence They stayed that way gradually becoming concerned with the Comanche and Kiowa than with the Mexicans after the war with the US in 1848By 1875 the Comanche and Kiowas had been defeated and the Rangers became the law enforcement agency we know today In that role they earned the fame they deserveI started to read Utley many ears ag Like all frontiers Texas from its earliest days attracted its share of adventurers speculators scoundrels thieves and refugees from debt the sheriff or a shrewish wife But what made it uniue among American frontiers was the raiding horse Indian tribes who swept down out of the Panhandle and New Mexico and even after Annexation seemed unable to understand that Texans and Americans were one and the same and the Mexican raiders some with official sanction others merely civilian opportunists who repeatedly made incursions across the Rio Grande To meet these as early as 1823 one Lt Moses Morrison who conferred his rank isn t explained mustered a force of 10 men described as paid volunteers to serve as militia till harvest called them to their fields By 1826 Austin s colony alone consisted of six militia districts though Utley admits there s no evidence that his written plans for ranging units ever came to fruition But with the introduction of the Paterson Colt five shooter and its proof in battle at Walker Creek in 1844 the Texas Rangers came
their own as defenders of settlers against in 1844 the Texas Rangers came into their own as defenders of the settlers against red and brownIn an adaptation of the Carlylean great men theory of history Utley tells the story of the corps primarily by way of its captains many great some not so very He shows how the Rangers proved themselves against the Indians and in Republican days the Mexicans came to national prominence through their service in the Mexican War supplemented the inadeuate and often ineffectual efforts of the US Army to protect the people of the Lone Star State took over frontier defense altogether in the chaotic ears of the Civil War and then after 1874 became an official arm of law enforcement in effect th. A splendid indeed brilliant new work by an outstanding historian of the American Wes.

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