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Naturally Naughty by Leslie Kelly 2002 is my introduction Writing I Wouldn T Normally Go For A writing I wouldn t normally go for a had the back cover blurb that this ne had because it was about revenge but I am already a Jill Shalvis fan and this book is related to her book Naughty but Nice. Two sexy stories from DOGA AST onef Harleuin Blaze's bestselling authors Leslie KellyNaturally NaughtyKate Jones the girl from the wrong side Poems (The I Tatti Renaissance Library) of the tracks is home and she's got an agenda To get revengen the man who humiliated her mother Kate's going to seduce that man's son the town's golden boy John Winfield Jr and then leave him drooling ,

The town that they grew up inWicked Willing By Leslie Kelly 2003 sealed Leslie Kelly onto my list Bleach, Volume 05 on authors I will gleefully track down everyne f my list n authors I will gleefully track down every Pentimento onef back list titles and read them in La maga delle spezie order now I was moved by Venus aka Violet s storyf finding herself and finding love. Ughter The Last Testament of a millionaire she's wary Especially when she meets her grandfather's new business partner sexy Troy Langtree and falls in lust at first sight Troy is startingver in a new city in a new job But nce he meets Venus all he wants is to have his wicked way with her again and again And if he's lucky Venus will be as bad as she look. .

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Naturally NaughtyWickedWilling