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O be joining me on Page Readers Tuesday July 13th at NOON Pacific to talk about her book join us I just learned a very valuable lessondon t judge a book by Pacific to talk about her book join us I just learned a very valuable lessondon t judge a book by cover I expected a racy romance with a bitchy woman and character I wouldn t likeand instead found myxelf cheering her on Looking forward to the next book by this talented author This is my first book i ve ever read by this author I uite liked it At first i didn t now what to think about it oh typical chick gets nocked up story but its got so much going on in it that i loved it I truly felt for the main character when she fell in love and then had a heartbreak i don t think i ve ever actually felt like that for a book I will most definitely be reading the second one I have to admit that judging from the cover I did not think this would be my type of read I loved the title though and since a friend of mine recommended it I figured I didn t have anything to lose I am glad I took the chance on Haefner s novel I enjoyed it immensely First of all I think calling this a romance novel is selling it short This is not run of the mill girl meets guy "and tumbles into bed complete with heaving breasts and throbbing type of story There was so much to it "tumbles into bed complete with heaving breasts and throbbing members type of story There was so much to it in the vein of true chick lit I now that a lot of people blur the lines between those genres but there is a marked difference in my opinion Chick lit focuses on a strong female character and her interpersonal relationships familial platonic andor sexual This is what I got with Lexi s story I enjoyed the ride and look forward to the seue. Ife to what it once wasthat is until her gynecologist utters a phrase she never expected or wanted to hear she’s pregnant Unfortunately the father is her fresh out of the closet best friend and not the new man in her life. Great summer read while lounging by the "pool or at the beach So far I am loving this read I love the humor and "or at the beach So far I am loving this read I love the humor and of the main character Lexi gets herself in uite a predicament Will she lose the young hottie she so uickly came to love because of itI m not tellin You ll have to read it for yourself I really enjoyed Stephanie s book A Bitch Named KarmaHaving Stephanie in our Book Club was a bonus because as I read the book I was thinking about her writing it and I m looking forward to our Book Club chat to discuss itI loved the ending and all the twists and turns throughout the book and how Karma actually created a happy ending in the end after causing her so much trauma in the beginning The difficulty of literature is not to write but to write what you mean not to affect your reader but to affect him precisely as you wish Robert Louis StevensonWriter write for readers to interpret Stephanie Haefner s A bitch Named Karma is in my opinion new age Literary Fiction More adult in nature as with most things in life including childrens cartoons this book left me awestruck Take today s working woman fixated on money material possessions and "Put Her Into Real "her into real circumstance and you have today s Heroine Lexi Marshall This Main Character has charisma selfishness an appetite for writing and all things gorgeous in life Until Life happens to her I can admit that in the first few pages I thought this character so selfish but trusting the author I read on and am completely enriched for doing soHow many Women do we see in industries so very career orientated that. Karma may be a bitch but sometimes she nows what she’s doingWhen author Lexi Marshall’s perfectly fabulous life of designer clothes nights on the town with her sexy boyfriend and a successful writing career literally

Stephanie Haefner Æ 5 Read

Family life never passes their lips They want the fabulous parties designer MaterialsHaefner S Character Completely s character completely this reality and takes it further Today s female is no longer sure they want the children the husband the wifely duties and this character mirrors this part of our societyHaefner provides a solid plot structured around modern society living and adds IN VERY BRUTAL LIFE CHANGING CIRCUMSTANCES SHE TOOK THIS very brutal life changing circumstances She took this from completely self involved to an amazing tear jerking of emotions The fact that the character is so raw the language so blunt and she changes into an actual human being was so powerful I found my eyes "Tearing Up By The Connection I Felt With The Character "up by the connection I felt with the character her circumstancesLexi Marshall is the strong independent woman meeting life s obstacles head on and never flinch My girlfriend wrote this one Initially I did not like the character little did I now that was the authors intention There is this monumental transformation after she meets this siren called Karma As this book unfolds through her life you feel understand I found myself tearing on multiple occasions and that s not to say this is a sad sappy book You wonder and hope the whole time will she ever find her happily ever afterwell guess you ll have to read it to find out for yourself Loved itHot steamy funny and did not end like I thought it wouldStephanie is a fantastic story teller Took me right into the story I instantly loved all the characters I was supposed to and she created the perfect jerks along the way And oh that Karma bitch Stephanie is going O up in flames she must take on Karma and fight to gain control over her lifeLexi believes her cliché filled novels are the reason for Karma’s wrath and after a high calorie pity party she’s determined to rebuild her A Bitch Named Karma

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