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Ed her innocence for a second Though I wonder how real this would be in real how real this *would be in real i loved just the *be in real I loved just the Susan Page Davis LIS books are some of my favorites Very good story It s one of those stories that frustrate me because all the cops have is circumstantial evidence and they jump to a conclusion and then don t go any farther It s like Perry Mason used to be He d dig and dig until he found the truth the cops were happy with the surface information But in this story our heroine has a cop for a hero and he is able to help her ferret out the truthThis is a clean read This was a mystery than a suspense since there was hardly any suspense The ending surprised me so that was good However this book seemed too unrealistic view spoiler I m not a fan of love at first sight stories hide spoiler Great charactersIt was wonderful to read a story with characters of strong integrity I especially appreciated how Laurel stood strong in belief of her murdered husba this was an amazing book of love suspense and thoughtfulness i loved the way Susan Davis managed to glue everything in plac. Ould clear her name But Laurel didn't even know what to look for or who would want her husband dead Until Dan took her back to the scene of the crimewhere a killer was waiting. ,

Lot were threats and danger I liked the characters although I kept thinking any parent or friend would be worried about Dan falling in love with a woman charged with murder However this felt a little like a cozy mystery than true suspense There were some things procedurally that I don t think would have happened I don t think there would have been the need for Tina s testimony for example The prosecutor would have dropped the charges prior to assembling everyone again Additionally the defending attorney would not have been in the dark about any new information being used b Its one of those books that ou cannot put down once ou Star Reading The Interest Is reading The interest is in romance and suspense Unlike some other LIS books this one was pretty heavy on the romance I like how they have the cop chasing after the supposed criminal not to catch her in the act but to get her to fall in love with himNot only did the suspense kept me guessing on who done it but the romance kept me interested I loved how the author allowed it throughout the whole book I loved that the man never doubt. Rough the ordeal all over again but at least she'd have time to prove her innocence And now handsome police officer Dan Ryan was on her side determined to find evidence that ,

WOW this is a phenominal author wish she d write longer novels this is the 2nd of her s i ve read this wk i m going to try and track down of them this one so far is my favorite as there were actually 2 different mystery plots going on but ou don t always realize it which keeps Comment Wang-F fut sauv you onour "Toes Trying To Deduce "trying to deduce facts go w which mystery or if they re combined or again WOW This is another suspenseful story by Susan Page Davis The main character is accused of murdering her husband and she has just about given up hope of proving her innocence The ending was a surprise to me Suspense SuspenseSusan Page Davis brings us another page TURNED WITH NAIL BITINGSTAY UP TIL with nail bitingstay up til suspenseI loved the fantastic storyline and the varied cast of charactersThis book is recommended for those that love Inspirational romantic suspense AMAZINGAnother amazing book by an amazing author Wow What a story Laurel went through alot But God sustained her through it all and blessed her at the end with a beautiful ending This one was a tricky one to assign a star rating I like romantic suspense I didn't kill my husband But no one believed Laurel Hatcher On trial for murder Laurel prayed for a miracle And she got one sort of a deadlocked jury A mistrial meant going th. ,

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