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I ve had chickens for two years and "I Still Found This Book "still found this book helpful Doesn t drag on and on has great references and informationand humor Great book for beginner chicken keepers I live ust down the street from the store and bought my first chicks and supplies from them This is pretty much the only chicken book I will need to buy since #It Covered All The Uestions I Had If You Live #covered all the uestions I had If you live and buy the book you I had If you live and buy the book you get free admission to a class the owner gives for beginnersReads very easily and interestingly I know I will be referencing this book often I referred to several books on chicken keeping This one had all the info compiled that would be needed by a beginner chicken keeper like me My only wish is that it had photos rather than reproduced cartoonsads Excellent guide to chicken keeping concise and to the point yet not sterile Author uses a lot of humor and personal experiences in teaching Highly recommended for beginners and experienced Chicken Keepers I m going to pick up my fluffy balls of yellow fluff tomorrow and will finish reading this tonight I was going to pick up my chicks on craigslist but after reading this book I ll be going to Urban Farm Store the author s storefront They care a lot about chickens and this book is full of clear concise interesting instruction for the casual backyard. Got a little space and a hankering for fresh eggs Robert and Hannah Litt have dispensed advice to hundreds of urban and suburban chicken keepers from behind their perch at Portland’s Urban Farm Store and now they’re ready to help you go local and sustainable with your own backyard birds In this handy guide to breeds feed. A Chicken in Every YardNd it interesting to read a book that is accommodating to this perspective It can be difficult to relate to books about flocks of 30 if your backyard has room for five hens This book provides a sort of uiet confidence or maybe ust competency which made me feel better about our future in backyard livestock I ve read a lot of chicken books in the last three years and mostly I finish Them Feeling A Little Overwhelmed Like Well I Guess You feeling a little overwhelmed like Well I guess you learn by doing After this book I felt like We so excited I appreciate the good design superfluous as it may be Even while I am cracking silent Portlandia okes in my head Is there a better put a bird on it than a backyard hand raised organic heirloom urban chicken This may be the cheesiest goodreads review I have ever written I apologize The subject matter lends itself to infinite puns and wisecracking I should have read this before I got chickens but it was good to read They were pretty thorough in their information from getting chicks through the end of their egg laying days I really like and appreciate this book Sometimes I ust want a resource I can hold in my hand and I think this is it The info is almost 10 years old and I don t know if there is an updated version and some of the info contradicts o Perfect introduction to raising our girls We love our chickens. Ases • Planning ahead for family neighborhood and legal considerations • Whipping up tasty our chickens. Ases • Planning ahead for family neighborhood and legal considerations • Whipping up tasty recipes from flan to frittata With everything that first timers will need to get started along with expert tips for seasoned keepers this colorful nuts and "Bolts Manual Proves That "manual proves that chickens is all it’s cracked up to.