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Relevant Why are there so few ccentric and distinct narrators Perhaps it is the mark of an immature reader to ven want one When I compile a list of some of the best xamples works by Hunter Thompson Mark Twain The Catcher in the Rye it seems that it is the same list likely to be found in the favorites of avid readers aged 15 21 I don t believe that though Poets have often write in distinct voices and are not denigrated for the strategy and that is telling in a way Poetry is reliant on rhythm and rhythm is what truly gives a narrative voice its identity I suspect that the problem is in who reads and who decides what is published and how The support base for literary texts is very narrow I imagine this is based on no hard vidence and I imagine this is based on no hard vidence and any soft vidence Educated probably Upper middle class and above probably Based on those two factors alone additional racial regional and cultural profiling could be xtrapolated based on the various and marked ineualities that The Shadow Reader exist along those linesBack to Sandburg s biography of Lincoln it isn t written with the flare Ixpected from one of America s better poets and from what *I ve read on the internet the best place to find facts it is not the most reliable account *ve read on the internet the best place to find facts it is not the most reliable account its subject Maybe read the first 4 or 5 pages and then go see the movie in which the 16th president of the United States plays poker with the undead I wanted to learn about Lincolnand this book delivered Wonderful writing with plenty of detail I read this when I Was A Senior In was a senior in school and when I finished the final volume after nearly two months of reading I cried because there was no to read This is an amazing rendition of Abraham Lincoln s life If you read it out loud it is beautiful to hear It is a pleasure to have the words roll off of one s tongue A few of Carl Sandburg s poems are this way such as Choose Something Like a Star If I am not mistaken this is the longest and most comprehensive biography that has been written Mr Sandburg also wrote a condensed version of this biography in one volume which I have also rea. Ident but also Lincoln the man He reveals xactly who Lincoln was and what forces in his life shaped his personality More than 100 black and white historical photographs and linecuts show Lincoln himself the places he went and the people who knew

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It is asy to see why Carl Sandburg s account of Abraham Lincoln is so beloved since it focuses so much on Lincoln the folk hero I njoyed this book a lot though its style kind of a Thomas Wolfe rip off got on my nerves after a whileTwo Lincoln anecdotes I highlighted which give *a good sense of the book s toneProtests of innocence often came from men plainly guilty They reminded Lincoln *good sense of the book s toneProtests of innocence often came from men plainly guilty They reminded Lincoln a governor who visited a state prison The convicts one by one had the same story of innocence and of wrongs done them At last the governor came to one who frankly said he had committed a crime and the sentence given him was perfect justice I must pardon you said the governor I can t have you here corrupting all these good men you here corrupting all these good men days after the Fort Pillow massacre Lincoln spoke at a Sanitary Fair reminded his Balti soldiers that in looking out on so many people assembled to serve the Union soldiers the fact was that three years arlier the same soldiers could not so much as pass through Balti We all declare for liberty but in using the same word we do not all mean the same thing With some the word liberty may mean for The Power Of A Choice each man to do as he pleases with himself and the product of his labor while with others the same word may mean for some men to do as they please with other men and the product of other men s labor The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep s throat for which the sheep thanks the shepherd as a liberator while the wolf denounces his for the same act as a destroyer of libertyspecially as the sheep was a black one Plainly the sheep and the wolf are not agreed upon the definition of the word liberty and precisely the same difference prevails today among us human creatures ven in the North and all professing to love liberty This is a biography of Lincoln by the steemed poet Carl Sandburg I was born just up the road US Route 34 in Kewanee from his home town of Galesburg Illinois Thus I have always had a soft spot for this version of Lincoln s life As a poet Sandburg s version tends to be pic and mythical and less critical in Civil War and history buffs as well as all lovers of fine writing will delight in the detail and accuracy of Carl Sandburg's definitive best known biography of Honest Abe Representing a lifetime of study by the great American poet Abraham Lincoln Ts xamination of Lincoln For all of that the book still works well The first part The Prairie Years recounts Lincoln s youth and The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right early career before he attained the presidency The story of course starts with his family settling in Kentucky where Lincoln was born in 1809 Later he moved with his family to Illinois Lincoln began in New Salem and later moved to Springfield Sandburg s depiction of his development to becoming a practiced attorney his political ambitions his brief time in the militia lays out the standard treatment of Lincoln writtenxtraordinarily well Many anecdotes dot the volume We see his doomed relationship with Ann Rutledge and his rocky courtship of Mary Todd The discussion of his famous debates with Stephen Douglas in the Senate Campaign that brought him national visibility and rendered him viable as a potential presidential candidate is well told Then the work goes on to Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling explore his place in the Civil War The volume speak poignantly of the family tragedy that hexperienced *The Death Of A Child Is Always Difficult The Strained *death of a child is always difficult the strained with his wife the challenges of orchestrating the Union s war Monsieur Pain effort In a sense this is a poetic lyric romanticized view of Lincoln It could scarcely be anythinglse I think given Sandburg s perspective Nonetheless for that this is still a compelling work and worth a read I ve been reading a lot this year and the books I pore over the disgruntled I become It was in reading this book strangely that I realized the possible cause the range of narrative voice mployed by authors specially contemporary literary ones is xtremely
Limited The Opening Few Pages 
The opening few pages Sandburg s second of three volumes on Lincoln reads like his poetry which reads a lot like Whitman s poetry It is flowing free and xpansive lyrical The rest reads like a history book which is fair that s what the book is intended to be after all The fact that I was hoping for something lse something subjective and poetic an unabashed mythologization of Lincoln but not so unabashed as to have him slaying vampires is ir. He Prairie Years and The War Years distills Sandburg's monumental six volume set into a single one book dition By gleaning very possible reference from history literature and popular lore Sandburg successfully captures not only the legendary pres. ,

Abraham Lincoln The Prairie Years The War Years One Volume Edition

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