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From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read eCoffee and Doughnutsarly this year I didn t remember much of the story blame my small capacity of memory term BUT I did remember liking Dino and Seth and had fun while reading their adventure So when I knew that there was a seuel I definitely decided that I would be on boardLike the 1st book this story still written from Dino s point of view This time Dino handles two cases at one time His mechanic boyfriend Seth though Dino still don t know whether boyfriend is the right term asks him if he can find nough proofs to help incriminate a low life guy named Frank who currently dating Seth s sister "Molly The Other Case Comes "The other case comes Dino s x wife Gigi who needs Dino s help and Doris Salcedo expertise as PI to find out why her restaurant seems to be a target of pranks This last case of course puts a little dent on Dino s relationship with Seth Dino and Gigi haven t met for ten years however Dino hasn t really been out and proud about his relationship with Seth as wellven if Dino has been bisexual all his life Working the case of an x doesn t sit well and dandy for Seth added with the fact that Dino is rather adamant on keeping their relationship below the radar including from the four older ladies in his apartmentThis is another FUN seuel and I think I will remember this than the first book lol Why Because I m a big fan of progress in relationship and this one has that While sometimes I get annoyed of Seth being pushy but at one point Dino needs a slap in the head for the way he handles his relationship situation I m so happy when the two guys decide to meet halfway because that s the mature thing to do As for the mysteries since this is taken from Dino s point of view we find out about the progress as Dino finds it It makes the story keeps on moving not as uickly but "STILL FLOWS NICELY I EVEN ENJOY THE SLIGHTLY REPETITIVE "flows nicely I ven Gods Choice enjoy the slightly repetitive of the PI work hey that s what PIs do Best part is the over the top mayhem near thend If in the 1st book it s all about the adventure of of stealing money and drugs at salvage yards this time is an all out brawls when Dino and Seth catching the bad guy responsible for Gigi s problem OMG I can imagine the all tangling hands and legs lol There is secondary character in the form of a loan shark Tony G whom I find interesting he cooks and hope to see if Elle Parker decides to make another book All in all this is a very good seuel Good writing likeable characters fun mystery over the top actions and clever dialogs The sex is not blatant and I love that Nothing annoys me most than smut marketed as romance Let s hope Elle Parker doesn t stop Dino and Seth s adventure here This seuel to Like Coffee and Doughnuts is another sweet occasionally poignant and funny adventure in the developing relationship between Dino a reliable private investigator and his friend turned boyfriend the mercurial mechanic Seth In the first book Dino acknowledged being bi and discovered his love for Seth but this is still a very new relationship For Dino who always walked on the straight side of bi the public face of a gay relationship is unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable Having his x girlfriend show up looking for help doesn t make it asier And when the other case he s working has personal connections for Seth Dino has to juggle time it Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France easier And when the other case he s working has personal connections for Seth Dino has to juggle time attention and try to do justice to bothDino vaguely realizes that for Seth things aren t simpleither Seth has been with other men but this is his first serious relationship Seth is clearly aware that Dino is new to all things gay and holding back sometimes and suddenly hanging around the beautiful woman he used to love Seth is on dge and seems unsure when to push or step back His reactions sometimes catch Dino by surprise This story has two mysteryPI plots to it but they serve mainly as the backdrop for the relationship between Seth and Dino I really njoyed watching these two men together and seeing Dino fumble to find his comfort zone and yet do the right thing by the people around him Some good secondary characters and a nice action plot round out the book I recently heard that a third book delayed by the author s real life demands may be forthcoming I will happily read whatever Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild else she writes about these two guys. Ring up Seth's jealousLike Pizza and Beer by Elle Parkery Now he must save hisx's restaurant and his relationship with Seth before it's too late WARNING Explicit sexual situations MM sex and mild violence72777 Words. Nothing xceptional here but a pleasant WAY TO SPEND AN EVENING DINO to spend an vening Dino is growing on me Solid writing a believable mystery interesting secondary characters I find Martini s growing collection of acuaintences in the dubious Electromyography for Experimentalists entrepreneurshiporganised crime fieldnjoyable 45 stars Like Pizza and Beer is the second Dino Martini mystery and the seuel to Like Coffee and Doughnuts And like the first book

"this one is "
one is a very fun and Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 enjoyable mm mystery romanceI do recommend reading Like Coffee and Doughnuts firstven though this seuel is a stand alone mystery You ll get way out of the character progression as well as see where Dino and Seth s relationship started if you read the first oneIn this one Dino is still figuring out what it means to be dating one s best friend as well as coming to grips with his bisexuality he s njoying all the perks but still is unsure of how to represent himself and coming out to others Seth is still as fiery and forthright as in the first book and his and Dino s chemistry is very spicy delicious Their back and forth and banter is really fun to read and their warm sexy comfortableness with ach other is very palpable It s also fun to watch Dino realize and how much he wants to be with Seth Runaway Wedding even though this new relationship is so different from what he s used toAlong with that Dino is being pulled between two mysteries one for hisx girlfriend Gigi whose restaurant is being vandalized and one for Seth who is trying to Wicked Loving Lies expose his sister s boyfriend as the nogoodnik that he is Dealing with both his past and current romances adds tension to the mix than Dino is wanting and he struggles to juggle his worklife balance as well as assuaging the worries of the suddenly insecure Seth who is less keen on watching the returningasy familiarity between Dino and GigiFortunately most of the conflict isn t about whether to return to once was but figuring out what s going on right now and along the way Dino faces culinary loan sharks saboteurs possessive strippers and his nosy yet hilarious Golden Girl neighbors My only niggle is that I do sometimes feel like Dino still over narrates and tells rather than shows in his first person POV but La heredera del mar even with that I still thoroughlynjoyed the book and highly recommend both it and the previous volumeAll and all a very fun read loved the continuing romance between Dino and Seth and I would definitely get in line to buy 3 in the series if it comes out Finally I totally adored the first book of the series Like Coffee and Doughnuts and have agerly awaited the seuel Like Pizza and Beer reads very similar to the first book with good characters a decent mystery and a solid step by step resolution that s interesting but without the crazy heroics that put mysteries over the top into ridiculous There s a few bumps in the road here but minor and those that liked the first book of the series will definitely be on board for the second You should read the books in order though to properly follow Dino and Seth s relationship but you can pick this up as a stand alone pre 35 StarsI liked this one much better than the first book Dino s x girlfriend the love of his life ten years prior shows up out of the blue asking for his help Her restaurant is being sabotaged and she s at wits nd about what to do Meanwhile Seth s sister is dating a loser and Seth wants Dino to dig up dirt on the jerk Between juggling the two cases Seth s jealousy and Dino s unwillingness to come out of the closet I found this book truly ngaging I like some angst in my mm reads and I got that here I also got to see motion from both Dino and Seth not a whole lot mind you but nough that the characters felt real as opposed to flat and one dimensional in Like Coffee and Doughnuts Likewise I felt some chemistry again not a whole lot but some between Dino and Seth This book is an improvement over the last and saved me from giving up on the seriesBottom line A substantial improvement over book one I have to admit I was hesitant to read this one because of the whole Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume One ex coming back into the picture theme I m not too fond ofxes In fact I hate when they appear in my books Thankfully my lovely friend HC set me straight and basically. Dino Martini Mysteries #2 Working for his Xenophon And His World (Historia Einzelschriften) ex and his boyfriend Dino's past and present cross Dino is caught off guard when hisx shows up out of the blue asking for help His current lover Seth is pushing him to find. .

Told me to suck it up and read the thing Kidding Well kinda Anyway I m really glad she reassured me it wouldn t be so bad because I absolutely loved this one as much as I loved Like Coffee and Doughnuts Dino and Seth make sure a wonderful couple They are so funny and cute I can t help but love them We get to see into their relationship and how Dino is struggling with coming out and how he still whether consciously or subconsciously makes an Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe effort to not advertise their relationship while Seth is struggling with being a bit insecure and worrying Dino will go back to Gigi It was interesting to see them still acting the same way they did before as friends but then there s that little intimacy that pops outvery now and then that leads to some hot smexing PAnd you know the Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time ex really wasn t that bad Her and Dino are kind of old fashioned though and I was always waiting for her to just fling away the damsel but not damsel in distress attitude and throw herself at Dino to get him back but she never did so I didn t have any problems with this oneOn top of us getting Dino and Seth and their freaking hilarious banter that I could never getnough of we see of Dino and Seth working as PIs Well Dino is working the PI part but Seth is working undercover and they are both trying to figure out who is sabotaging Dino s One Wild Weekend ex Gigi We also get to meet Seth s sister who I kind of liked At first she s just this goody two shoes but by thend of the book I really liked her Forgetful of Their Sex especially since she was throwing out her cheating asshole of a boyfriend Damn she s got as hot a temper as Seth does Overall I thought it was a great continuation to the Dino Martini Mysteries I can t wait for the next one Definitely recommended 45 starsI didn t think I could love the guys much but I did they are lovely and its the chitchat and teasing wisecracks that kill me damn these two are fun This seuel is fabulous and hadven to offer Seth and Dino s relationship is deeper and we have character development A definite feeling of playful fun and sparks Seth as always is an adorable shit who makes life bearable and wonderful for Dino The inuisitive lovely old ladies are back and are as delightful as Naturally Naughty Wicked Willing ever It s an undemanding andasy read recommended Good news apparently there will be a third installment to the series happy dance I want And I want it nowStill cheesy still over the top and still awesome Oh Dino and SethSeth is just so amazing and in this he is still snarky and funny but we also get a look at his jealous side and he was at times completely unreasonable but Dino was also a bit of a douche at times and all I wanted to do was hug Seth When he gives himself to someone he gives verything no holding back any part of himself With Dino only recently someone he gives verything no holding back any part of himself With Dino only recently he is bisexual it was never going to be a smooth ride for them and it would have been totally unrealistic if it had been plain sailing I Walled (The Line, enjoyed their little bit of angst and understood that it needed to happen I m pretty sure they will hit a few bumps and I hope to read about them soon Seriously I want the next book right nowI actually kind ofnjoyed the mystery Cruel Attachments: The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany even if it was a bit cheesy and Gigi annoyed the heart and soul out of me but I liked the premise and I liked the restaurant in the first book we had a recipe for Cioppino and in this we got descriptions of Italian dishes that made me so hungry I had to take a break in the middle to make pasta This one isn t as smexy as the first one but in the first book that lawn chair scene made me drool and is a hard one to outdo I think I need to read that again soon So delicious Butven though it s not as smexy we still get plenty of Seth and Dino lovin and there was ven biting Seth being all fabulously possessive and jealous It was xcellentSo like in all seriousness when is the next one coming Loved this just as much as the first one ven if I really wanted to smack Dino at one point though he redeemed himself bless him The humor the wit the realism coupled with that slightly insane dge you get from mixing sun and margaritasReally fun charming book Highly recommended and so very readable Looking forward to in this series I hope there are I need I read the first book Like. Dirt on his sister's boyfriend Juggling between two cases – and his boyfriend and Tempting Fate ex – isn'tasy but what choice does he haveWorking with his x takes Dino on a trip down memory lane raising a few doubts and stir. ,
Like Pizza and Beer Dino Martini Mysteries #2