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Incubus Author Janet Elizabeth Jones

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It is surprise that I cut my eading teeth in the ealm of horror My world had been shaped by authors such as Stephen King and Clive Barker Though I do The Witch who was a princess read outside my favorite genre uite often it is seldom that I come across an author who is able to grip my imagination and pull me into their world the same way as those I grew upeading Today I now have two that I can say have done this and Janet Elizabeth Jones is one of themHer book Incubus captured my mind and pulled me into her world of thrills passion and needs There is so much this book has to offer a eader other than vampires succubae and the un of the mill sadistic humans out for evengeForemost I don t think there was one character in her story that didn t have a life of their own They all meshed together in the story but as you ead you become to know each as an individual person Janet gave just enough back story to each that it didn t bog down the forward progression of the book but ound out each down the forward progression of the book but ound out each giving the Eleanor, Quiet No More reader a sense of intimacy with her worldTo add to all characters playing a strongole in the story her leads were woven together like Egyptian Cotton This isn t one of those omances where it s almost eual to I m a guy you e a girl nough said Janet s To save his kind Meical Grabian agrees to participate in a dangerous experiment One that takes his vampire's thirst for blood and leaves him hungering for something new An incubus can be sated only with passion but what woman could love what he's. ,
Ead characters had individual needs that each could provide for the other but they also contained deep seated histories that though they seemed each could provide the other but they also contained deep seated histories that though they seemed meant for each other forced them to keep a distance from their inner desires Meical and Caroline complimented each other with strong differences that proves the phrase opposites attract Yet Janet also creates aspects of them that tie them together in ways that nothing could separate them Not even themselvesIncubus took me only three days to What It Takes: Fighting for My Life and My Love of the Game read The writing characters story action andomantic elements kept me locked into the world of Meical and Caroline until the very end If you are looking for a world to escape to one that will make you feel like you woke from a dream in the end then I suggest you pick up a copy of Incubus TrinitySiren Book Reviews Janet Elizabeth Jones has a uniue writing voice which i Luftwaffe Fighters 1945 (Topcolors) respect i startedeading with which I Revenant respect I startedeading with intention of only taking half an hour and wound up unable to put it down until I was than halfway through the book The heroine Caroline is strong smart and a Pumpkinflowers real fighter The hero Meical is complex and engaging I enjoyed the storyMy only complaint was that the ending felt overcomplicated to me and thus not as strong as theest of the plot I was. BecomeYet when Caroline Bengal finds him abandoned in a snowy wood she senses his emotional turmoil and brings him to her desolate cabin Caroline's compassion and earthy beauty tempt the hunger Meical has desperately been keeping at bay And soon Also surprised that Meical s past and issues were sort of forgotten about in the second half of the book I would have liked to have seen his past and as a vampire he has a long one create intimacy between him and Caroline That would have bumped this book up to a 5 for me but I still give it a good 4 Wonderful Memories of It's a Wonderful Life rating I wish I would veeviewed shortly after I finished it but this ll have to do I loved it Well I Green Eyed Envy really wanted a paranormalomance with an incubus main character because they seem to go perfectly hand in hand don t they But really to go perfectly hand in hand don t they But m thinking maybe this wasn t the book for me Meical convincing Caroline to have sex with him via dreams or directly influencing her emotions was too non con for me too much like actively subverting her will The A-List Diet Fitness Plan rather than passively like through incubus attraction or something I chose not toead the full book This genre of Book Isn T My Particular Cup Of Tea I Will isn t my particular cup of tea I will in the writer s defense she does have a way of painting a picture Having mentioned that there were some very steamy love scenes where I almost felt like a voyeur while The Amethyst Road reading I don t think I llead any The King's Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of Thomas Wolsey romance novels going forward Though if Janet Jones decides to start writing in another genre I ll probably pick up a copy of her book. Eical is visiting Caroline's dreams seducing his prey while she sleepsBut another predator has set his sights on Caroline with sinister intentions If Meical is ever toeveal his true nature to Caroline he'll have to earn her trustand keep her ali. ,