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Do seem to share the same type of coversThis book follows the training of student nurses and the things they got up to both on the training and living in the nurses home all based on true events I found it to be an easy light read and got through it uite uickly although did not want it to end The book is written in a similar style to the books by Jennifer Worth who was a community midwife in the 50 s if you like those books you will like this book similarly if you like this book maybe try one of hers too Ever since I read the Sue Barton Nurse books as a girl I ve been interested in reading books about nursing particularly in the olden days when there were Sisters and Matrons and nurses wore caps I m sure some of my nurse friends would be horrified with my thoughts This book appeared on Kobo and I had to have it It tells the story of Jennifer s training as a nurse at the Leeds General Infirmary in the 1950s the highs the lows and the friends This book is very funny in places eg climbing up a rope ladder after being locked out of the nurses home and very sad in others eg death of a baby a colleague being diagnosed with schizophreniaIt also highlights the differences in nursing today and back then in Jennifer s days nurses did some of the cooking for the patients cleaned the ward including dusting and then in Jennifer s days nurses did some of the cooking for the patients cleaned the ward including dusting and expected to be subservient to the ward sister and Matron These days nurses don t cook generally that s why there s kitchen staff or clean orderlies and cleaners are employed and everyone s pretty much on first name terms I m not a nurse but being called Sister in my hospital is a term that you re one of the gang rather than a sign of authorityIt was interesting to read that about 30% of the other students Jennifer or Jenny started with actually completed the course Nursing seems like hard work long day shifts split shifts night shifts and then study as well There was bullying of nurses and restrictions on dress code of conduct etc It was heartening though to read about the strong friendships made during her time at LGIEasy to read and well written this is a good read for an insight into those times Although it wraps up rather uickly and abruptly it is still an interesting one Absolutely brilliant I enjoyed every word on the pages of this book Recommended This book was recommended to me after I read the Call the Midwife trilogy by Jennifer Worth not to be confused with the author of this book Jennifer Craig It is a great read IF you are interested in nursingthe history of nursing If nursingthe history of nursing doesn t interest you I would not recommend the book as it is very much faithful to its subject

matter and does 
and does include than ust glimpses of the author s personal life Jennifer Craig describes her nursing training and experiences on hospital wards in Yorkshire during the 1950 s when she was a very young woman in her late teens and twenties There are clinical descriptions in addition to anecdotes about particular patients cases other nurses and staff as well as personal feelings Some of the accounts are humorous some are sad and some are relayed to illustrate the way things were done at the time I listened to the audiobook which is read by the au. S determined that when she reaches the heights of Ward Sister herself she will not become the frightening matron that struck fear into her student heartRich in period detail and told with a good dose of Yorkshire humour Yes Sister No Sister is a life affirming true story of a life long pa.

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Yes Sister No SisterUrine thank god someone invented dipsticks and glad we got cream for sore bums and regular turns rather than putting patients including babies in traction to prevent sore bums Enjoyable read could highly recommend it especially for nurses loli Three and a half starsGrowing up in the 1960s in a small rural town there were three positions that nice single girls trained for secretary nurse or teacher I grew up around a lot of nurses amongst them my eldest sister my aunt and my notorious black I grew up around a lot of nurses amongst them my eldest sister my aunt and my notorious black Great aunt Stel who specialled geriatric cases and married than one In those days nurses dressed in white from top to toe including tights and the cap was all important as by shape and stripe if any it told where the nurse had trained Nowadays the severe nursing whites and caps are gone in favour of patient friendly prints and pastels most often trousers and smocks of which my elderly aunt strongly disapproved You don t know if they re nurses or the cleaning crew she grumbled once but then she had been head surgical nurse in her dayI was amazed to read that the nurses formal training at LGI in the fifties counted up to about 3 months of actual formal instruction with all the rest hands on practicum with the exception of two whole study days per year what we would call today in service training days at which the nurses were informed of new developments in nursing My today in service training days at which the nurses were informed of new developments in nursing My had book learning than that a mere 10 years later not to mention workshops conferences and in service seminars galore Of course in the past 60 years medical techniues and knowledge have come on by leaps and bounds even in the mid seventies a diagnosis of cancer was a death sentence end of story while today many people survive for decades because of improved diagnosis and treatment But imagine treating glaucoma with leeches or a nurse sitting around repairing rubber gloves for re use in surgery Even commercial sterile bandage packs etc were unknown then I ve never been in a UK hospital but I can t imagine contests for the best decorated wards at Christmas or the staff surgeon carving a turkey for the patients dinner today let alone daily communal prayers before the nurses start their shift Shades of Sister DoraThere were a couple of false notes however How is it that the author had copies of all the letters she wrote to her parents and close friends and not a single one of their notes to her Hmmmartistic licence I used to know a woman who made photocopies of all the correspondence she sent out but she wasodd By the end of the book Sister Craig is a bit pleased with herself acting the Lady Bountiful with her students the porters etc and of course everyone loves and admires her and tells her so To hear her tell it she was the only voice for change in the hospital So very very modest that it cost the book the fourth star Although I am not a nurse I liked the look back into the 1950s Fortunately a lot of things have not a nurse I liked the look back into the 1950s Fortunately a lot of things have since then for nurses as well as for patients Easy reading and an interersting story I love these type of books where people from the 40 s50 s60 s write about their experiences These books are not to be confused with some of the Misery Lit on the market although unfortunately they. Rips to the cinema and mischievous escapades with the young trainee doctors The harsh conditions prove too much for some girls but the opportunity to help her patients in their time of need is too much of a pull for Jenny As she commits to her vocation and knuckles down to her exams she ,

This book brought back memories for me After my sister and I were out of the house my mother went into nurses training This was in the 1950s in Canada Many things were similar between Craig s training and my mother s I remember visiting my mother in the nursing residence and taking tours of the long wards the taking tours of the long wards The were similar Ongoing to the hospital today I miss seeing the nurses in their white dresses and capsIn the opening of the book the author states she has taken liberty with the dialogue and some situations to make the book read like a novel versus a memoir She stated she did her best to keep the language and situations as they were in the 1950sThe book is well written and brought back lots of memories To me the 1950s do not seem that long ago but nursing and medicine have sure changed a lot It also seems to me that good manners have also disappeared over the years I enjoyed the book and will look for the other book written by the author entitled Jab Jenner and Juggernauts A Look at Vaccinations Craig moved to Canada in the 1960s and went back to school She obtained a BSN MA and her PhDI read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible The book is ust over nine hours long Jennifer Craig did a good ob narrating her book This was the perfect book for me I did my nursing training in the early 1970s but it brought back so many happy memories and some scary ones too The day before I read the chapter mentioning the patient who had burst her abdomen I had related the same situation to my partner Beautifully written and I will be searching for other books by this author An interesting account of a young somewhat naive woman at The Start Of Her start of her career in the north of England during the 1950 s Like others of this genre the author attempts to personalise her memories with snippets of local slang which some readers may find difficult to digestThe book does indeed struggle to reach an enthralling standard I could have picked this book up several times left it for a few days and then continued Pure curiosity got the better of me as I willed it to succeed and include some gripping stories concerning the patients and interactions with colleagues On a positive note the author comes across as easygoing and kind spirited despite the rigorous training that appears to desensitize student nurses during this era I would have liked to see the author include patient stories and ustify her actions about decisions she made regarding her work I would only recommend this book if you are incredibly willing to see past the local slang which is woven around the pages This unfortunate aspect of the authors writing would put me off reading anything else that is published by her Nonetheless I applaud her for telling her story because Underneath All The Layers all the layers is uite a fascinating one Loved this book brought back so many memories although I trained in the 80 s not the 50 s we had the nightingale wards where you could see all patients the metal bed pans that were freezing cold we rubbed meths into heels to prevent then getting sore the night sister rounds where you had to know all your patients so glad that I never had to use a Bunsen burner and chemicals to test. A trainee nurse in the 1950s had a lot to bear In Jennifer Craig's enchanting memoir we meet these warm hearted yet naïve young girls as they get to grips with strict discipline long hours and bodily fluids But we also see the camaraderie that develops in evening study sessions sneaked