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This was always one of my favourite Jacueline Wilson s growing up This *is my first time reading The Lottie Project and despite being older than *my first time reading The Lottie Project and despite being older than intended audience I found the book interestingThe book follows a young girl called Charlie who has to do a school project on the VictoriansThe book moves from Charlie s perspective to her diary ntries for her school project which I really liked and actually thought flowed wellCharlie did feel real to me and I also feel that there are many younger readers who will be able to relate to her home situation in the bookHowever I feel the book was uite slow to begin with and although I would have kept reading anyway the real action happened about halfway into the book the running away partI liked the nding and overall I m glad I ve read The Lottie Project This was a short but impactful Jaueline Wilson book Charlie is such a sweet main character and I love her decisions and when she s writing these letters as Lottie I wanted a uick cute read and I must say it delivered Charlie is not happy that the new teacher has the class should sit in alphabetical order Instead Of Getting To of getting to with her friends she to sit with a boy yuck boys and to make it worse he s the most annoying snobby swot of a boy And then the teacher wants Imaginary Runner everyone to do a history project on the Victorians how dull Until Charlie discovers that girls her age actually went to work as servants in Victorian times and so she decides to write the dia. I don't want to do a boring old project Who wants to be likeveryone From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 else I'm doing a diaryHi I'm Charlie DON'T call me Charlottever History is boring right Wro. Ry of a servant girl called Lottie She wishes she could go to work herself her mum has been made redundant and so she and her mum might have to move out of their tiny flat if her mum can t get another job The novel switches back and forth from Charlie s account of her *life to what she has written of Lottie s diary Lottie *to what she has written of Lottie s diary Lottie life tends to follow the themes of Charlie s life When Charlie is worried that her mother has a boyfriend then Lottie s mother also has a boyfriend and Lottie is not happy about itWell I felt like reading a kids book after the rather heavy books I ve like reading a kids book after the rather heavy books I ve reading lately And I really Fresh Water enjoy Jacueline Wilson s books I just wish they d been around when I was a kid Her characters are incrediblyngaging and full of character and believable too well other than the fact that the kids use the slang of my parents generation despite the fact that the books are set in the present day a reflection on the age of the author I think Charlie s character is a convincing mix of maturity and childishness just as the book is a mix of the trivial and the serious She is often angry sulky and impulsive but also loves her mother deeply and takes uite a bit of responsibility in the home She starts to understand the conseuences of her actions and learns to adapt her behaviour for other people s needs and feelings The novel captures the French Daguerreotypes emotional growth of anleven year old girl Reread my favourite Jacueline Wilson book from my childhood Was surprised at how little I Ng The Victorians weren't all deadly dull and drippy Lottie certainly isn't She's leven like me but she's left school and has a job as a nursery maid Her life is. ,
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unexpected I been sorting through a few things and came across several of my Jacueline Wilson books Source I own this book COST UNKNOWN TITLE THE LOTTIE PROJECT Unknown Title The Lottie Project Jacueline Wilson Genre Middle Grade contemporary Overall Rating 4 starsThis book was one of my favourites as a child I remember reading it over and over again and as soon as I opened this book up again I was hit straight away with nostalgia I ve always liked history ven in primary school so this book with it s victorian twist really stood out to me It follows Charlie who finds a picture of a victorian maid who looks like her and decides to do her school project based on this person who she dubs as Lottie While she has problems going on in her real life little did she know that this book could impact her as she deals with her mum losing her job and her overbearing grandparents I think this is one of the most prominent Jacueline Wilson books out of them all and I hope that kids still read this one a true classic to be revered amongst the likes of little women and jane yre Re read from when I was much younger One of my favourite Jacueline Wilson books a favourite amongst favourites I loved the school project about Victorian times blended in with Charlie s modern day life I m glad Jacueline Wilson nded up writing uite a few books set Doris Salcedo exclusively in Victorian times as she makes it very fun to learn about Nick Sharratt s illustrations are as wonderful asve. Really hard just work work work but I bet she'd know what to do about my mum's awful boyfriend and his wimpy little son I bet she wouldn't mess it all up like I do.