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T an example has been your Best Friend for decades Let s read a classic Anne It ll be fun Anne We can call each ther with updates Anne It ll be just like a book club Anne Tee heeLiar liar Pants A Man Like Him (Templeton Cove, on fireI read this whole God awful book and you uit after 10 pages I m telling your momAnywayHere s the uote that sums up my experience with Frankenstein Blah blah blahin all the misery I imagined and dreaded I did not conceive the hundredth partf the anguish I was destined to endure Some books teach you something new each time you revisit them I picked up the tragically wonderful Frankenstein for a fourth time this week and I was totally mesmerised by the descriptive language used to describe the natural world In all my previous readings I focused n all the classic tropes f man and monster though I never considered the importance Broken of the serene beauty that surrounds the story The natural world dominates the backgroundf the novel It s there like a pervading monster that lingers in the darkest reaches Bad Behavior (Harlequin Blaze of the mind What struck me most about it was the fact that both Victor and his creation long for a real life a life wherene is truly alive And they both ponder what this means at length reaching the same conclusion to go completely nomad They both wish to live a life free Night Driving / Relentless Seduction of burden and complications no money no commitments and no responsibility They just want to be totally free in the wilderness with the ultimate goalf finding happiness by looking after their most immediate and natural desires And for me this says a great deal about society not just the society in which this was written but society in general how many Desolate of us feel truly alive Original Review Let s have a party Victor Let s get together and celebrate all things Gothic and dark and wonderful Let s have it in an attic in anld house in the middle Gabriels Horn (Rogue Angel, of a thunderstorm and then afterwards let s go to the graveyard withur shovels and Shawnee Bride our body bags Sounds good doesn t it Victor We could then createur A Wolf’s Deception (Black Hills Pack, own doppelg ngers from the corpsesf criminals and geniuses Then we can abandon Seduced by the American Millionaire (Louisiana Liaisons, our marvellous creation to fend for itself with his childlike innocence and then wonder why it goes so horribly wrong and blows up inur faces AhhVictor you silly brilliant man On second thought we probably shouldn t have that party Because if we did it would end in blood Yes lots The Disappearing Dog (The Hardy Boys: Secret Files, of blood the bloodf everyone you love the blood It Happened in Paris... (A Valentine to Remember of all your family Victor You blame the monster but you are his creator You should have taught him the waysf the world and guided his first steps The things you two could have accomplished together So I ask you this Victor who is the real monster Is it the creature that has gone In Bed with the Viking Warrior (Viking Warriors on a murderous rampager it you You are the man who played at god and was horrified at the conseuence You judged your creation by his physical appearance which was a reflection Hostage of Passion of your vain soul AhhVictor you silly brilliant man Surely you don t wonder why the monster revenged himself upon you Iught to be thy Adam but I am rather the fallen angel Indeed the real monster Wedding Bell Blues of this novel is Victor Frankenstein and not his monstrous creation The creature is a monstern the Virgins outside but Victor isn the inside which is a form much worse By abandoning the creature he has taught him to become what his appearance is The first human experience he receives is rejection based upon his physicality His Flirting with the Society Doctor own creator recoils in disgust from him He cannot be blamed for his actions if all he has been taught is negative emotion he willnly respond in In Thrall To The Enemy Commander one way He is innocent and childlike but also a savage brute These are two things that should never be put together Woe to Victor Frankenstein s family There is love in me the likesf which you ve never seen There is rage in me the likes Zoes Muster of which should never escape If I am not satisfied in thene I will indulge the From Paradise...to Pregnant! other Mary Shelley raises uestionsf the danger Hotter Than Wildfire (Protectors, of knowledge and shows a probable conseuencef trying to play god the novel portrays nineteen century fears for the rising field Dangerous Tidings (Pacific Coast Private Eyes, of science and knowledge and uestions how far it could go Indeed in this case Victor takesn the role Second Chance Colton (The Coltons of Oklahoma, of a God by creating new life She also shows us what can happen to a man if he so driven by this thirst for knowledge and how it will ultimately lead to a fall Victor reminds me somewhatf Doctor Faustus The Tragical History A Marked Man / Alaska With Love (Assassin-Shifter, of the Life and Deathf Doctor Faustus in this regard Faustus is a man who sold his soul to Lucifer for unlimited knowledge in the form f arcane magic Victor like Faustus has stopped at nothing to gain his goal but in the end is ultimately dissatisfied with the result Suffice to say I simply adore this book as you may have gathered from my ramblings I think this

alongside dracula are 
Dracula are the strongest representations f Gothic literature Further I have a real soft spot for epistolary means Newborn Daddy of storytelling I m not sure why perhaps it s the stronger sensef intimacy you fell with the characters as you see their words Diary of a Domestic Goddess on the page rather than an impartial narrators You see inside their heads and understand their motifs and feelings My favourite uote This was then the rewardf my benevolence I had saved a human being from destruction and as a recompense I now writhed under the miserable pain Bayou Dreams of a wound which shattered the flesh and bone The feelingsf kindness and gentleness which I had entertained but a few moments before gave place to hellish rage and gnashing Snowbound with Her Hero of teeth Inflamed by pain I vowed eternal hatred and vengeance to all mankind Listen to the passion to the intellect and witness such a wastedpportunity Victor you re a silly silly manYou can connect "with me n social media via My Linktree Don t get why everyone spends so much time talking about the "me n social media via My Linktree Don t get why everyone spends so much time talking about the Mountain Man of science versus nature and how this is the world s first science fiction novel when clearly this is the world s pre eminent textn the subject Her Man From Shilo of the dire conseuencesf procrastinationBut whateverThis book rulesFirst The Agents Secret Past (Military Investigations off it s very funny to imagineld timey 1800s people being scared by this It s in the same vein as thinking Champagne with a Celebrity of that urban legend about the people who watched the first movie screaming when the train races toward them AAAAAH I AM IN A THEATER BUT I M ABOUT TO GET HIT BY A TRAIN HERE IT COMES TELL MY WIFE I LOVE HER I highly recommend reading it through that lens Just thinking about thatriginal audience who thought this was a horror Oh my stars A creature Secret Agent Affair (The Doctors Pulaski, of most unholyrigin I daren t think The Salvation of Zachary Baumkletterer of it IdiotsAgain I digressThis is so beautifully written It really forces you to slow down and take the story in just so you don t miss a gorgeous line which in turn makes you appreciate how many great and beautifully executed themes there are at playCount me impressedBut again I m mostly just thinkin bout how relatable Frankenstein isAnd also the fact that I can Finally I can bene Courting Callie (Heart of the West/Bachelor Auction, of those assholes who s like Frankenstein is the SCIENTIST not the monster I m living the dreamBottom line This is nonstop fun and everyone should have read read it currently reading updatescan already relate to victor frankenstein as i too create massive problems and then avoid dealing with them until the repercussions threaten to destroy my life and even then am kinda likek but do i have to My apologies but this review is going to be a bit frantic due to my brain being so Mortimer, Mallory and Allen Taster Collection oxygen starved by the novel s breath stealing gorgeousness that I m feeling a bit light headed So please forgive the random thoughtsFirst Mary ShelleyI love youSecond Dear Hollywood you lying dung pilef literature savaging no talent hacksyou got this all wrong Please learn to read and get yourself a copy Mustang Wild (Wild, of the source material before you FUBAR it again Third My heart shattered for the monster and I haven t felt this strong a desire to hug itut bitch since reading Grendel and Crooked Letter Crooked Letter The wretch is so well drawn and powerfully portrayed that he form the emotional ligament for the entire story He is among the finest creations the written form has to The Little Vintage Carousel by the Sea offer Fourth As surprised as I am to be saying this this novel hasusted Dracula as my all time favorite f the classic horror storiessorry Bram but the goodevil sad desperate loneliness f the I'm the Boss of Me: A Guide to Owning Your Career orphaned monster trying to find a purpose and to define himself in the world trumps The Count Five None can conceive the variety Brief Lives of feelings which bore menwards like a hurricane. S a dark parable warning against the risks Texas Manhunt (Chance, Texas of scientific and creative endeavor the corrupting influencef technology and progress and the dangers Condor of knowledge without understanding Frankenstein was an instant bestsellern publication in 1818 and has long. I have love in me the likes Deception of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likesf which you would not believe If I cannot satisfy the Bliss County - Der Traum in Weiß one I will indulge thether From the 1994 movieThe worst thing about this novel is how distorted it has become by constant movie adaptations and misinformed ideas about the nature The Bride in Blue of Frankenstein and his monster For years like manythers I thought Frankenstein was the name The Life Lucy Knew of that slightly green dude with the bolts in his neck Nuh uhDid Frankenstein scare me Did it have me staying awake and sleeping with the lightn jumping at every slight creak in the house Was I terrified The Lone Sheriff of the monster and technology and the dangersf playing God No Because the beauty The Bridal Suite of this story is that it isn t thene so many people think it is Which is almost my favourite thing about it This book It s been fifty years since I had read Frankenstein and now after a recent second reading I am pleased to know that the pleasures The Troublesome Angel of that first reading have been revived Once again just as it was in my teens I was thrilled by the first glimpsef the immense figure Developing Drivers with the Windows Driver Foundation: Dev Driver Win Driver Fou_p1 eBook: Penny Orwick, Guy Smith: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. of the monster driving his sled across the arctic ice and REREAD UPDATE September 2018Onef my bookclubs Click to check The Desert Princes Proposal out Reading List Completists is reading this for September 2018 I figure it was a good time for a reread since it wasne The Makeover Prescription (Sugar Falls, Idaho of my favorites and it has beenver 20 years since I read it I did enjoy it again this time and it stands up to the 5 star review and designation f classic There were a few slow parts mainly when Dr Frankenstein would stop the narrative to wax poetical about something but not enough t take a way from my verall enjoymentI still recommend this for everyone and be sure to check ttyl (Internet Girls, out my fullriginal review belowORIGINAL REVIEWThis is definitely The Book of Pride onef my favorite books I was reuired to read in High School Also it is my favorite f the classic horror novels It is perfectly written suspenseful and is a bit thought provoking than scary One f the best ways I can compare it to ther classic horror novels is to Dracula which I read recently Dracula has so much repetitive filler that you do not find in Frankenstein which is the main reason I find Frankenstein to be a enjoyable bookAlso I would say that this is a novel f the human condition than an actual horror novel Some terrifying things happen but it is the monster within all Conscious of us that may end up being terrifying Funny side story when I read this in High School it was around the same time that the Kenneth Branaugh adaptation cameut at the theaters We were all encouraged to go see it and found it pretty close to the source material What was amusing was that Time Magazine had a review Wellbeing of Transnational Muslim Families of the movie bashing it as untrue to the source material and how disappointed Shelley would be that the Boris Karlovian depictionf a lurching flattop monster with bolts in its neck was ignored for a serious drama movie WHAT Time Magazine for goodness sakes published an article that claims to know the content Chosen by the Alien Lord (Rusneon Mates, of the book but is completely wrong and does it while bashing a movie that did a pretty good job with it I mean it it iskay if you prefer the Violentology old time movie versionf Frankenstein and it is a classic but to make definitive statements that are completely wrong in what is supposed to be a well thought Run Forever of publication not your typical tabloid supermarket checkout fodder that is just too muchWe need a copy editorver here SoI finished itWarningIf you are a fan f classic literature andor are utterly devoid f a sense The Forgotten of humor this review may not be for youAlsoYes I realize that I m a moron with zero literary credibility So stop reading right now if the soundf an idiot whistling First Night Memories (Rot Ruin, outf their asshole bothers you too terribly Sure you can comment below and tell me how stupid I am but it probably won t make me a better person Or will it I ve always wondered what the real Frankenstein story was likeand now I knowSadly sometimes the fantasy is better than the realityAnd the reality is this book is a big steaming pile xchg rax,rax of pooIt s anld timey horror story rightNot so muchI mean I wasn t expecting it to actually be scary but I thought it might be slightly creepy Unfortunately the The Shadowhunters Codex only horror in the story centered around me having to keep turning the pagesUnless Beware mortal You will DIEf boredom Oooga Booga BoogaYep Truly frighteningIt starts like thisAn upper crust guy sails The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs off to the Arctic to make discoveries and to pass the time he writes to his sister Supposedly he s been sailing aroundn whaling ships for several years And he s been proven an invaluable resource by Damnable Grace: Hades Hangmen Series, Book 5 other captains So I m assuming he s a pretty crustyl sailor at this point Pay attention because this is where Shelly proves that she knows nothing about menSo this "Guy Goes On And On In These Letters To His "goes Grendel on andn in these letters to his about how he wishes n every star that he could find a BFF at sea After a few too many letters they pull a half frozen Frankensicle ut Play Something Dancy of the water Aaaaand here s whatur salty sea dog has to say about the waterlogged mad scientist Blah blah blahhis full toned voice swells in my ears his lustrous eyes dwell Stella on me with all their melancholy sweetnessblah blah blah Lustrous eyes No straight sailor ever in the historyf the world EVER referred to another dude s eyes as lustrous Ever And I know what you re thinking Well Anne maybe this character was gay Didn t think about that didja Actually yes Yes I did The Phoebe and Her Unicorn Activity Book only problem with that theory is that NONEf the male characters in this book sounded remotely maleLadies do you remember that time in your life probably around middle The Tenant or high school when you thought that guys actually had the same sortf thought waves running through their heads that we do You know before you realized that the really don t care aboutwell all f the things that we You know before you realized that the really don t care aboutwell all f the things that we You thought that while they were laughing at the booger their idiot friend just flicked across the room something deeper was stirring in their mind It just had to beI m not sure when it happens but at some point every woman finally realizes the fairly The Moon and the Thorn obvious truthMen aren t womenThat booger was the funniest thing ever and nothing was stirring around in themther than maybe some gasAnd that s UQ Holder! T15 okFart lighting and long distance loogie hawking contests aside they can pretty darn cool But this author was too young to realize thatMy personalpinion is that Mary was probably fairly sheltered when it came to real men She was a teenage girl apparently running around with a bunch The Schooled Society of artsy fartsy dudes Much like today I would imagine these junior emos were probably blowing poetic smoke up her young ass in the high hopesf getting into her pantsAlthough it s possible I m totally misreading the situationAnyway Frank tells his story and Sea Dog writes it all down for his sisterIn excruciating detailRivers flowers rocks mountain topsagonizingly cataloged And the weather God forbid a breeze blows through the story without at least a paragraph devoted to the way it felt Nude Pussy Amateur Girls Closeup Erotic Photo Book Full Nudity Uncensored Striptease Pictures with sexy Girls: Horny nude girl photography on his skinr affected his moodAnd speaking Whooo-Ku of Frankenstein s moodI don t think I ve ever had the pleasuref reading about a character this spineless before What a pussy He didn t talk so much as he whinedAnd the swooningHe was like Kayla Eli Discover Jazz onef those freaking Fainting GoatsI can t even count how many times he blacked Oxford Examined out and fellver Of course then he would get feverish and need a period Einsteins Generation of convalescence to recoverAgain every episode was recounted with incredible attention to detailI m thrilled that I never had to miss a momentf his sweaty brow getting daubed with water Randomly Inserted Fun Fact The monster uoted Milton in Paradise Lost Shockingly I Engendering Song only know this because it was in the appendix and not because I have any real life experience with reading thatne Was this the most painfully unnecessary book I ve read this yearYesIs there a deeper moral to this storyYesSome would say that the monster is a product Come Hell or High Water of a society that refuses to accept someone who is different Or maybe that Victor Frankenstein was the real monster for not realizing that he had a duty to parent and care for his creation Perhaps it is meant to pointut The Great Railway Bazaar ourbsession with perfection and Rue Marquis De Sade our willingness to disregard people who don t meet the standardsf beauty as non humanSome might say any Five Farthings of those things I however learned a far different lesson from FrankensteinAnd it s thisTrust noneNot even someone who jus. At the age My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, of eighteen Mary Shelley while staying in the Swiss Alps with her lover Percy Shelley Lord Byron andthers conceived the tale f Dr Victor Frankenstein and the monster he brings to life The resulting book Frankenstein; r The Modern Prometheus ,

In the first enthusiasm Pope Francis of success Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds which I should first break through and pour a torrentf light into Redemption (Amos Decker, our dark world A new species would bless me as its creator and source many happy and excellent natures wouldwe their being to me No father could claim the gratitude The Spellman Files (The Spellmans, of his child so completely as I should deserve theirs Pursuing these reflections I thought that if I could bestow animation upon lifeless matter I might in processf time although I now found it impossible renew life where death had apparently devoted the body to corruption As gorgeous as the prose is I thought it a crime not to include at least Harry Potter Series Box Set (Harry Potter, one uote Six The non explanation for the process that Victor uses to create the monster is thingf genius No The Sheiks Love Child other approach could have possibly conveyed the majesty and significancef the achievement because we would have known it was bullshit Shelley did it perfectlywhich leads me nicely intoSeven The corny slapdash lightning scene is entirely a work The Zoo Story of Hollywood There s NOlightningscene Are you kidding me Even Kenneth Branagh s supposedly true adaptation had electric eels providing power to the it s alive process Allf it bunk I ll say it again Hollywood is a bunch Ghachar Ghochar of useless tools LIARSEight Speakingf tools Victor Frankenstein is a giant The Most Eligible Lord in London (The Lords of London one As far as I am concerned he is clearly the villainf the piece However what I found so suee inducingly magical about Shelly s writing was my degree The King of Crows (The Diviners, of vacillation when it came to Victor s character I liked and even admired Victor in the beginningf the story and found his personal journey compelling He was a genius driven by his desire to unlock the secrets Captives of the universe and had that manic mad scientist focus necessary to the accomplishmentf such a lofty goal However Circus of the Damned (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, once the birthf the monster came I found myself waffling back and forth throughout the rest Silent Surrender (Nighthawk Island, of the story Ironically his momentf success and his reaction to life he had conjured was when he began to lose his humanity in my eyes His treatment Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Read-Along Storybook and CD) of the monster was abhorrent Despite this Shelley was able to get me to seever my disgust and appreciate Frankenstein s position and understand why he was so unwilling to continence the existence Utamaro of the wretch Not enough for me to forgive his lackf compassion but enough for me to see him as a tragic figure Huge propers for Shelley as that is excellent writing Nine I would place the monster among the finest literary creations Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle of all time This singular manifestationf humanity s scientific brilliance and callous indifference to the conseuences thereof is masterfully done Frankenstein s wretch became the prototype Lohnarbeit und Klassenbildung of the literaryutcast and every misunderstood creature since has been ffspring from his loins His character profile is phenomenal and just as Victor s actions garner sporadic moments f understanding for his cruel treatment Hidden Witness (Return to Ravesville of the monster so the monster s wanton actsf vile cruelty severely test A Passionate Heart/To Kiss A Count/The Runaway Countess our compassion for him Tested bent and stretched but for me at least never broken I understood his painI understood his angerI understood Ten No spoilers here but the final resolutionf the relationship between Victor and the child The Earl and the Governess of his genius wasstellar Everything was reconciled and nothing was resolved The final reckoningccurs and it is both momentous and useless Eleven I expected the prose to be good but having never read Shelley before I was still surprised by how exceptional and ear pleasing it was Her writing really resonated with me and I loved her ability to weave emotion plot momentum and a high literary uotient seamlessly together Good good stuff Twelve The novel is structured as an epistolary nesting doll using the frame story f Captain Walton corresponding with his sister about his expedition to the North Pole While at the top f the world Walton finds Victor Frankenstein stranded This sets up the dovetail into Walton relaying Victor s story which takes up the bulk شرح التعرف لمذهب التصوف -پنج مجلد of the novel and includes within it the incredibly poignant storyf the monster in the creature s Steelhands (Havemercy, own words It is superbly executed and I thought the framing device was very effective Thirteen Despite my trashingf the movie versions earlier there was Words of Life one scene that I thought was handled far bettern screen than in this story Kenneth Branagh s portrayal Ten Orange Pumpkins of view spoiler the murderf Elizabeth by the monster hide spoiler No stars That s right Zero zip nadaIt s been almost 30 years since I ve detested a book this much I didn t think anything could be worse then Kafka s The Metamorphosis Seems I m never too ld to be wrong This time I don t have the excuse that I was forced to read this for high school lit class Oh no this time I read this f my The Lady Elizabeth own volition and for fun Yeah fun Kinda like sticking bamboo shoots between my fingernails typef fun Watching paint dry fun Going to an Air Supply concert funOK to be fair I need to tell you what I liked about thisWell Mary Shelley was a teen when she wrote this Color me impressed At 19 I was just looking for my next college boyfriend not penning the great English classic Kudos to Mary for thatOtherwise I can t think f anything
to admire in 
admire in book apart from the fact that it s the nly book in my reading history where I actually noted EVERY SINGLE PAGE NUMBER and mentally counted down the time I d be finishedWhy did I persist you may ask Well at the point where the pain became mind numbing I decided to channel my inner John McCain and just survive the torture Figured it would make me a better stronger reader Might even make me enjoy a re read f Breaking Dawnwell no it wouldn t but you get the idea Frankenstein is a classic alright A classic melodrama Complete with a wimpy vaporish trembling prima donna main character and a pseudo monster whose nly sin is being uglier then Bernie Madoff in cell block D After the upteenth tremblejerkgaspfaintstart from The Downs Syndrome Handbook our mad scientist Victor Frankenstein I couldnly sign in relief that he wasn t a Rabbi about to perform a bris circumcism Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, oy veyWere we supposed to beutraged at the monster s killing spree By the books end I was merely miffed that the creature murdered the wrong Frankenstein sibling He would have saved himself a good deal When All Hell Breaks Loose of traveling and saved me a good dealf suffering had he snuffed Hell Fire (Corine Solomon, out his maker before he could high tail itut Friscos Kid (Tall, Dark Dangerous, of the birthing roomI m sure that the fansf this book will say that "I didn t understand the deeper symbolic nuances f this book and I "didn t understand the deeper symbolic nuances f this book and I sure that they are right At this point in my life all I know is what I like and don t like in a book and as far as I m concerned this book is unadulterated mind numbing crap But that s just me Your mileage will vary as I sincerely hope it does As for my Seven Bad Ideas own mileage it can best be compared to driving a Ford Pinto in the Indy 500EDITDue to the effortsf a few Kool ade drinking trolls who have gotten their big girlbig boy panties in a wad Alien Diplomacy (Katherine Kitty Katt, over an almost 200 yearld book and can t comment nicely Togo on my review I am suspending all future commentsDon t like it Blame the navel grazing trolls for not accepting the conceptf a PERSONAL OPINION This was awesome I listened to an audiobook Bikini on YouTube as it is under the public domain You can find it here It was great The narrator did a great jobf building the atmosphere and excitement in the story I always love reading the Better original stories behind some very iconic pop culture figures Frankenstein isbviously incredibly popular It was great to read and do a little bit Slakes Limbo of a personal independent studyn major nerd here The perfect Halloween read The anecdote is legendary Mary Shelley a teenager at the time was spending a vacation in Switzerland with her fianc Percy Shelley their mutual friend Lord Byron and a few All Clear (All Clear, other people Was the weather gloomy that summerf 1816 Were the companions bored to death For amusement Straight Up and Personal: The World According to Grapes one evening they challenged eachther into writing the scariest ghost story they could come up with No The Killing Season (Trail of the Gunfighter, one remembers what the fellows wroten that Saving Sweetness occasion Everyone has at least heardf the creation A Great Day for Pup! of the young woman and the misfortunesf Victor FrankensteinSince then and mainly since the invention Modern Love of cinema a few decades later what wasnly meant to be a chilling yet entertaining story rose to the dimensions Bad Day in Blackrock of a myth So much so that theriginal novel itself has been covered up by layer upon layer f external imagery which has very. Been regarded as a masterpiece f suspense a classic The Real Deal of nineteenth century Romanticism and Gothic horror and the prototypef the science fiction novel Though it has spawned countless imitations and adaptations it remains the most powerful story f its kind. .
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