[PDF] Roget's International Thesaurus, 8th Edition [thumb indexed]

Roget's International Thesaurus, 8th Edition [thumb indexed]I live with a ersonal library of over 57000 books and this has always been one of My Top Ten Favorites Roget top ten favorites Roget an amazing man I collect thesauruses thesauri and have raved about this one online and in my books Rather than an alphabetical thesaurus like most others this edition adheres to Roget s rinciple of organizing the book by concepts and ideas giving the book great City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York power At the same time the enormous alphabetical index is critical to using it effectivelyUnfortunately the index in this 8th edition is awful compared torior indexes For example in the index to

prior 7th edition if you up hook it tells you which section to turn to if you mean an anchor a The Runaway Prophet Jonah Study Guide 1998 point of land a lure or 3 other meanings The index of the 8th edition just lists the section numbers without disambiguating the different meanings This change is true throughout the index making the book far harder to use For many words this means it takes 5 10 times as much time to look up something than it did with the older editionsI understand the book was getting huge but I d rather have two volumes orages and get a book that is as Književna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje powerful and easy to use asossible I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the 7th Edition Your browser does not support HTML5 video I re ordered this edition having used the 7th since it came out The indexing has been radically changed robably to save space but the editor might have just as well decided. A newly revised and updated 8th edition of the worlds bestselling thesaurusthe only thesaurus based on Peter Rogets original reference classic of 1852 This hardcover thumb indexed edition includesthan 443000 words and Davids Sling phrases grouped into1075categoriesThe revolutionary achievement of Dr Roget was his development of a newrinciple the grouping of words according to ideas If the user cannot find something in a reference book it is often because of To omit random words Not that there weren t lenty missing from the 7th It makes the volume so difficult to use that I m returning it Too bad I d buy two volumes I ll just continue with the 7th A great resource Easy to navigate Arrived Dangerously Placed promptly Appropriatelyackaged Good Just Destiny price Only reason why 4 stars given is due to the texture and inferior uality of theaper ages which is not liked also the outer boookcover was uite disheveled as if used or had been on display and moved about hence signs of use Otherwise seller and book recommended I ve been using an alphabetically use Otherwise seller and book recommended I ve been using an alphabetically thesaurus since grade school so I was a little worried about moving to the thematically organized version but I was uickly entranced I find the categories a very useful way of organizing and finding words If you want to give a certain tone to a aragraph I can scan the category list for terms like Peace Laxness Freedom or conversely Confinement Strictness Failure and under each is a veritable cornucopia of words with multiple sub categories In other words it is not only useful when you have a word you want to find a synonym for it is useful for seeing what types of atmospheres you could give to your writing and for erceiving whole related categories of words you can use Conceptual synonyms if you will not just related words but related categories of wordsI have found myself thoroughly absorbed in the book bringin. He restriction of searching alphabetically by known headwords Dr Rogets thesaurus thus reversed the access to allow the user to find a word from another word a concept or an idea When in 1852 Roget ublished the first book ever to realize this concept with thoroughness and recision he called it a thesaurus from the Greek and Latin meaning treasury or storehouse And thesaurus it has remained to this day Theultimate reference tool this new editionco.

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G it with me to various The Book of Mordred places and thumbing through the various categories It is lovelyOld time users of this thesaurus are complaining vociferously regarding the change to the index I never usedrevious editions of this so I don t know what they are talking about But it seems very easy to me Say I want synonyms of loud I go to the index and see all easy to me Say I want synonyms of loud I go to the index and see all Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide places the word is mentioned I now bring my forefingers to the contentsage with the category list I can easily see these at the same time I notice for example that loud appears in 3520 and 5311 I can uickly and easily see that category 35 is Color whereas category 53 is Loudness If what I am looking for is words about actual sounds then I know to go to category 53 and skip category 35 I don t see that listing this out in the index is necessary the information is easily finableAlthough old time users argue that this is a useless book because the index makes it hard to use I bought it anyway because it is said to have almost 100 thousand terms than the revious edition I got it and I don t think the index is hard to use at all and I love the enormous variety of words in here I would take the extra 100K words over the old uselessly bloated index any day Ignore the noise get this would take the extra 100K words over the old uselessly bloated index any day Ignore the noise get this reference volume If you re like me with overpowering hilological Hidden Boundaries passions you ll find it is a bit like a teddy bear and a safety blanket rolled into on. Ntains over 443000 words andhrases grouped into 1075 numbered categories Within each category youll find all the arts of speech freuent cross references commonly used words singled out in boldface uotes that uts words into contexthundreds of fascinating and idiosyncratic word lists and muchIf youre a writer who needs help organizing a thought or mastering the nuance of expression Roget's International Thesaurus remains the first source to turn.