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Freedom from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: A Personalized Recovery Program for Living with Uncertainty, Updated Edition

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AcknowledgmentsIntroductionI was standing in an open field looking back into the forest and brush watching the others struggle their way out It was aining I had purposely taken everyone off trail through trees and undergrowth so densely packed that forward movement was a slow process of stepping over and through bushes and being on guard for branches snapping back from whoever was in front of you Melanie the fourth person to emerge into the freedom of the clearing shouted Im having a great time The photographer documenting our trip for People magazine snapped a picture Seeing Melanies joy it was hard to connect this woman with the one Id met seven months earlier at my former center The Anxiety and Agoraphobia Treatment Center in PhiladelphiaWhen I met Melanie at our first session she was an extreme suicide isk all medications in her home even aspirin had to be locked in a safe Her parents wouldnt permit her to carrythan two dollars at a time fearing that access tomoney would enable her to commit suicide with over the counter medications She was an attractive and articulate twenty nine year old with a fifteen year history of both obsessive compulsive disorder OCD and body dysmorphic disorder BDD Her OCD focused on issues of perfection When taking notes during class if there were any cross outs stray marks folds or creases in her notebook she would feel compelled to discard the page Similarly she wouldnt tolerate any such marks in her textbooks and would cope with such imperfections by not using the text Though she found school a nightmare of anxiety Melanie did well in the courses she managed to complete But many of her attempts to go to school esulted in anxiety and depression severe enough to euire psychiatric hospitalizationMelanie also felt as though she was horribly uglyso epulsive that she believed it was a burden for those around her to tolerate her presence This is what it feels like to have BDD a form of OCD in which sufferers cant stand their own appearance She spent endless hours agonizing over her hair and makeup trying to get Filthy Vows ready to go out but often wouldnt be able to leave the house Forthan fifteen years she had no memory of ever being free from her anxiety and despairYet here she was on a camping trip And not just any trip but one that Ive beenunning almost every year forthan two decades as a therapeutic journey for OCD sufferers Even non sufferers might find it difficult to spend a weekend sleeping in tents using latrines without the benefit of Die Postmoderne Konstellation: Theorie, Text Und Kunst Im Ausgang Der Moderne running water and taking torturous hikes through the mud and muck For the OCD sufferers I treat especially those with contamination fears the accomplishment of making it through such an experience is often nothing less than a tremendous breakthrough in theirecoveryThis camping trip is just one of the approaches Ive found to be of use in working with OCD sufferers during the last twenty five years Earlier in my career as a faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry at Temple Universitys School of Medicine I was part of a Mein Kampf: zwei Bände in einem Band research team studying the treatment of OCD Though ouresearch excelled at delineating the mechanics of treatmentour esults and findings egarding the behavioral techniues known as exposure and Zcmi, America's First Department Store response prevention are still the core of todays treatment for OCDI felt the need to go beyond the actual treatment processI wanted to address issues ouresearch was ignoring such as elapse prevention So in with an OCD sufferer named Gayle Frankel who was then the current president of the Philadelphia Affiliate of the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation I started the first OCD support group in the country Called GOAL Giving Obsessive compulsives Another Lifestyle our group wasthan a place for sufferers to share their stories Its purpose from the beginning was to help sufferers understand their OCD and to make and maintain treatment gainsHelping people understand their OCD is the key to my treatment approach One of the greatest problems for those of you who suffer from this disorder is the disparity between your inner world and the outside For all of us the person we show the world is not exactly who we are we all have our private thoughts opinions and secrets But for you the gulf between your private and public selves is greater No matter which aspects of your OCD everyone else sees you and I know it is only the tip of the iceberg You understand the pain and frustration of being locked in a strange world in which you know that your thoughts and behaviors make no sense It is as if you have simultaneously lost your mind and at the same time are so sane that you are a witness to the loss You are an expert at knowing what OCD feels like but fully understanding your plight is another storyYou may have heard many explanations for your OCDits a chemical imbalance its a learned behavior These are explanations but they are no better than saying a car works because it has an engine Knowing that a car has an engine doesnt tell you how to fix a car thats not unning For you to fully understand your OCD a meaningful explanation needs to bethan logical and scientific It must address your feelings and experience and answer uestions such as Im staring at the stove and can see that it is off Why dont I know that it is offIf an explanation touches you and you cant help exclaiming Thats me then you understandIf you suffer from OCD you have probably seen many different professionals tried numerous medications and ead any number of books dealing with anxiety and OCD This book however is different It is not simply a cookbook explaining how to ecover from OCD because overcoming OCD The River of Doubt reuiresthan simply following instructions Treatment without understanding is like painting by numbers there will be some improvement and symptomeduction but you wantTo go beyond symptom Auch Geister können küssen (Susannah, reduction and stop OCD from controlling your life I believe youll do better as a master artist The master artist has the understanding to create and fashion his or her own work This book offers the self guided version of the treatment program used at my center where helping sufferers understand their OCD is the crucial first step toecovery because they cant truly agree to therapy if they dont understand their OCD and the treatment processYour success depends upon your becoming an eual partner in designing your Dialektyka oświecenia. Fragmenty filozoficzne recovery program As youll find in this book with understanding you wont follow a treatment protocol youll design your own Copies of the forms worksheets and other materials found in this book are also available for free download from FreedomFromOCD Part of this book Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder will help you to truly understand your OCD experience You will begin to answer the uestions that plague youfor example How can I not know what I know Why cant I stopitualizingIn making sense of your OCD you will begin to ealize that this disorder doesnt set you apart from the est of humanity You will come to Belisarius III: The Flames of Sunset recognize that the difference between you and non sufferers is a matter of degree not unlike the differences between social and problem drinkers In the case of drinking getting drunk isnt the problem it is how often and how much it interferes with your life For OCD it is notituals seemingly irrational thoughts or anxiety that differentiates the sufferer from the non sufferer but how much these interfere with your daily life This section will also address the Banners South: Northern Community at War role of medication inecovery and the cognitive behavioral techniues that you will use in your OCD programIn Part The Foundation of Your Program I will demystify the process of OCD assessment and treatment allowing you to design a Forza maggiore recovery program for yourself that you can understand and believe in Then I will guide you through the initial steps of assessing your OCDYour newfound understanding will be transformed into practical knowledge as you use the tools and instructions I provide to further assess your OCD and prepare the materials you will need in your self guidedecovery program The most important of these will be the scripts you will be creating to keep up your motivation fight discouragement and overcome difficult hurdles These scripts will help you address one of the greatest difficulties in carrying out a self guided OCD treatment program the absence of a therapist to provide you with support specifically targeted and appropriate to your needs of the moment Although a book cant The Exodus Towers replace an experienced therapist sample therapist scripts are provided along with directions that will enable you to adapt them to your own needs or to create your own These scripts will appear throughout the book Ideally yourecovery program should be a collaboration between you and an experienced OCD therapist This book is meant to be used as an adjunct to therapy or at times when you cant find a therapistPart Personalizing Your Program Treatment Guidelines for Your Specific OCD Concerns is the heart of this book and focuses upon the different manifestations of OCD Each poses special challenges that need to be addressed when designing a Wie Wirtschaft die Welt bewegt. Die grossen ökonomischen Modelle auf dem Prüfstand recovery program particularly if most of your OCD symptoms seem to fall into a single category such as obsessions focusing on contamination or violent thoughts The chapters in Part will provide guidance for modifying and individualizing yourecovery program through examples adjusted treatment guidelines and scriptsEven when your obsessive concerns seem to have a single focus they may affect your life inways than you Učbenik življenja realize For example if you have contamination concerns you may find that in addition to washing your hands you check the environment for contaminants and mentallyuminate about what you have or have not touched Or if violent thoughts are your focus you may spend your time both trying to figure out what it means that you have such thoughts and trying to find ways to prevent the thoughts from coming into your mind Because of this you will discover advice throughout Part that you will want to incorporate into your Borka. Die Erlebnisse einer Wildgans recovery programPart Recovery and Beyond will help you complete yourecovery Working alone on your Flashing Steel: Mastering Eishin-Ryu Swordmanship recovery can be hard I provide you with guidelines for using family and or friends as helpful supports during treatment However sometimes you will want help from someone who knows exactly how you feel For this purpose I also provide instructions for setting up an effective GOAL support groupYourecovery program doesnt end when you feel you have overcome your symptoms Maintaining your gains is a process that Collaborative Learning reuires continued effort In the last chapter you will discover why slips are normal and how when you prepare for them they dont have to lead to a completeelapseThe good news is that while OCD can be a devastating and debilitating psychological disorder surprisingly it is one of the most treatable Current The Global Diffusion of Evangelicalism: The Age of Billy Graham and John Stott research holds that percent of those suffering from OCD will significantly benefit from a treatment involving exposure andesponse prevention the treatment of choice for OCD This should be a time of hope and optimism for finding treatmentThe key though is finding therapists who are truly experienced in treating OCD who know how to properly use exposure and Das Haus auf meinen Schultern. response prevention instead of offering traditional talk therapies or nothingthan medication When Melanie my camping trip client first came to me I found that her psychiatrist had been underprescribing the SSRI Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor antidepressant she had been taking When this wasectified she went from being an extreme suicide An Uncompromising Generation: The Nazi Leadership of the Reich Security Main Office risk to a moderate one Her OCD and BDD though identified early in her previous therapies had never been properly treated Her course of treatment with me included exposure andesponse prevention and seven months later she was camping and having a great time One year after that trip Melanie was no longer controlled by OCD BDD and depression had completed two semesters of school with ease had spoken at the annual national conference of the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation about her The Discovery of Slowness recovery and had gone on her second OCD camping tripToo often I am faced with seeing another Melaniesomeone who has needlessly suffered for years Freedom from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is my solution I believe that OCD when properly understood is not a disorder of hopeless torment but one that can be overcome Conuering OCD is hard work but not as hard as what OCD sufferers already go through every day So I invite you like my campers to find the hope and courage to journey with me to a better placeChapter A few years ago I was in a doughnut shop waiting to be served A well dressed woman was sitting at the counter next to me When her serverJared according to his name tagbrought her doughnuts she had a specialeuest Would it be okay if I pay you after I eat she asked Im not going to The Silk Road: A Journey from the High Pamirs and Ili Through Sinkiang and Kansu run out or anything but I just washed my hands and if I go into my purse to touch money they will be dirty and Ill have to wash them againDo youealize how dirty money is she continued Money is handled by so many people that anything could be on it Thats why they dont allow cashiers to both handle money and serve food In fact She went on for uite some time ignoring or pretending not to notice Jareds expression which silently said What is wrong with you Fine pay laterjust let me get back to workThe answer to Jareds unspoken uestion was obsessive compulsive disorder OCDAnd the woman in the doughnut shopto my trained eye an OCD suffereris not alone I am often struck by how many people I pass on any given daydriving my car on the highway walking through a mall sitting in a movie theaterwho likely have OCD as well Statistically for every forty of the thousands of faces I see one is suffering or will suffer from OCD When I was in graduate school in the late seventies I was taught that OCD was a Forensic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice rare and hopeless disorder that only affected about percent of the population in However in the early eighties I uicklyealized that these figures had to be wrong At that time I was working at Temple Universitys School of Medicine with Dr Edna Foa who was on the first of her many National Institute of Mental Health NIMH grants that God at the Ritz: Attraction to Infinity A Priest Physicist Talks About Science, Sex, Politics, and Religion researched and pioneered todays treatment of OCD Everyone I discussed my work with seemed to know of someone who exhibited OCD symptoms significant symptoms like those of the woman in the doughnut shop not the little habits andituals all of humanity engages in on a daily basis I wondered How could OCD be simultaneously Don't Wake Up rare and yet so common that everyone knows someone with it Since then worldwide studies have found lifetime prevalenceates for OCD to vary between and percentabout one in every forty peopleFor the most part OCD sufferers are able to Reduced remain invisible There are exceptions of course those of you who make no effort to hide your compulsions whose suffering is obvious if in nothing else in your inability to function The billionaire Howard Hughes for example suffered from OCD so severely that his life waseduced to a tortured and limited existence His seemingly bizarre habits and lifestyle coupled with his wealth and fame attracted the media like a magnetThe way OCD looks to outsiders is a far cry from what OCD Double Betrayal really is To outsiders the disorder is what the press shows usextreme cases of people who claim they have to do things that make no sense to themselves or others But the truth is that when you have OCD something is happening to you you are not crazy and there is something you can do about itWhy doesnt the outside world have a better understanding of OCD One problem is that many of you are experts at hiding all or almost all of yourituals so you appear to have at worst a minor problem Colleagues at work just think of you as a neat freak or as that man with the odd but harmless habit of circling his car a few times in the parking lot after locking it You function in the world and you dont appear to be in obvious distress Unlike the extreme cases publicized in the press and on talk shows your OCD doesnt seem to be much of a difficulty to live with There are a number of easons you may strive to hide your fears and ituals For many of you concealing your problem is necessary to keep your job and preserve your The Magistrates' Court: An Introduction (Fifth Edition) relationships Anothereason you may try to hide OCD is that you simply want to avoid the humiliation of being labeled crazy So even if you engage in a few small itualsenough to have others label you a neat freakyou make sure no one sees how anxious you are underneath that neatness This ability of yours to successfully function under stress has a special name competenceAnyone who is successful in the world has this ability Imagine coming to me for treatment If during your first session you found me shaking stuttering and discussing a terrible problem I was having at home youd uickly decide you were in the wrong place Youd expect that whatever problems I might have I would pull myself together and do my job There is only one difference between me and you I dont ely on using this competence as often as you doCompetence works both for and against you On the one hand it allows you to function in the world There are many accomplished individuals whose OCD wed never know about if they hadnt admitted to the problem publically Actor director Billy Bob Thornton as well as former host of Nickelodeons Double Dare show Marc Summers are both very forthright about their OCD and have managed to find ways to have successful careers It is important for you to Nomadische Lebenswelten Und Zarische Politik: Der Aufstand In Zentralasien 1916 recognize this strength in yourself Some of what I will be asking you to do later will seem very hard but what you are doing now is also very hard How many of your colleagues and friends who dont suffer from OCD could function as well as you if they were under the same constant level of anxiety and stress Bravery is not a feeling bravery is how you behave when you are scared You are among the bravest people I know The strength and competence you are accustomed to using in order to get through your daily life can help you succeed in treatmentBut competence can also work against you It has led many of you to delay seeking treatment After all if you are trying to hide your problem seeking treatment might be a flag to others that something is wrong If your OCD started when you were a child or an adolescent you may have felt especially afraid that adults if they discovered your secrets would confirm that you were going crazy Jessica for example came to my center at age sixteen after having hidden her OCD for five years During the previous school year she had begun to obsess about harm coming to her family and felt the need to protect them with numerousituals involving movement and symmetry Every time she went through a doorway she felt she had to touch the left and The Crimson Thread: A Retelling of Rumpelstiltskin right sides of the doorway to protect her family She would continue to do this until it feltight Her OCD only became evident to her teachers and family when her anxiety became so intolerable that she no longer felt capable of hiding her pain and The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Your Dog's Life Quality and Longevity rituals In crashing she was one of the lucky ones She worked very hard in treatment and was able to overcome her OCD I have worked with sufferers who successfully hid their OCD for twenty years or longerWhere does this leave you Trapped with anxiety painful thoughtsituals you feel you cant control and the frustrating knowledge that you logically know your fears and compulsive actions make no sense You dont understand what is happening and you are surrounded by people who understand even less about it than you do Often your friends and family are aware of your OCD and will try to offer helpful advice You dont have to wash your hands againthey are clean The door is locked we can leave now Yes for the fiftieth time Im sure you didnt hit anyone on the way home you can stop askingMost of the time you dont listen to the advice Others tell you not to worry because your fears make no sense You already know this Their exhortations merely confirm your suspicions that you must be losing your mind So you desperately try to hide your symptoms because who wants to be thought of as crazy Though you may succeed in appearing normal to the outside world you know something that non sufferers dont You know how anxious you feelYour family would like you to stop No Beast So Fierce: The Terrifying True Story of the Champawat Tiger, the Deadliest Animal in History ritualizing but you know they have no idea what stopping will do to you Indeed there have likely been occasions in which you tried toesist Close to the Land: The Way We Lived in North Carolina, 1820-1870 ritualizing Even though your most feared disaster didnt occur your anxiety probably increased In the end you may have gone on a binge ofitualizing that lasted far longer than usual And as anyone with OCD knows five hours of handwashing isnt simply washing your hands over and over It is a hell in which every Berlayar di Pamor Badik repetition is accompanied by mounting frustration and anxiety Why cant I stop Why dont I know my hands are clean when I know they must be How long is this going to last On such occasions you didnt stopitualizing because you finally felt you got it ight you stopped because of exhaustion The whole process felt crazy and out of controlNo matter what disaster you may fear with your OCDillness death or whateverusually the feeling that I cant take another second or I will lose control or go crazy is almost certainly present In the previous Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV the psychiatric handbook for diagnosing mental disorders OCD was listed as an anxiety disorder This probably comes as no surprise to you Although OCD has been given its own category in the DSM V we know that anxiety is the driving force behind OCD an anxiety that feels overwhelming and endless an anxiety that spirals out of control as attempts to eassure and neutralize fail over and over again So even if your obsessions and compulsions are literally attempts to avoid potential disaster they are also attempts to make your anxiety stop In order to avoid intolerable out of control feelings to avoid going crazy you Münchhausen's Pigtail, or Psychotherapy Reality ritualize Ritualizing may not make sense to your friends and family members but they dont know what will happen to you emotionally if you stop Given all they dont know about OCD listening to their adviceeally would be crazy Despite its crucial ole in OCD anxiety is not the defining feature of OCD OCD has many different facescontamination concerns and handwashing epetitious checking of doors stoves and locks concern about violent or sexual thoughts How can so many different manifestations all stem from the same problem What ties them together What is the core of OCD and the source of the painful anxiety it evokes In preparing to write this book I created a "survey uestionnaire that asked sufferers and their families to describe their experiences with OCD It was disseminated at my "uestionnaire that asked sufferers and their families to describe their experiences with OCD It was disseminated at my and over the InternetIra a forty eight year old center and over the InternetIra a forty eight year old has suffered from OCD since he was nineteen years old The following excerpt from his survey The Pink Pearl response provides us with an answerI work in the city and its such a filthy place If I could have my way I wouldnt go there that way I wouldnt have to go near so many dirty peoplepeople sneezing coughing touching everythingbut thats where my law firm is During the day Im not too bad I have dirty clothes for wearing outside and decontaminated clothes for home I make sure to keep my hands away from my mouth during the day and Ill only go out to lunch at certain cleanestaurants But when I get home thats when the ordeal begins I make everyone in the family come into the house through the laundry Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe room That way they can take their clothes off down there go straight to the downstairs shower to wash and then put on house clothes I have everyone keep house clothes separate from going out clothes The going out clothes have to be washed three times before I feel they are clean After Im done with them Iun the empty washer twotimes to get it clean enough to wash the house clothes My laundry procedure is as follows I take a shower and put on gloves to take the going out clothes to the washer I carefully put them in and then put
detergent in and turn the on I then take the gloves off throw them away and wash my hands When the cycle is finished I get another pair of gloves put the detergent in and start the machine Then I throw away those gloves and wash my hands Then I do this onetime When the final load of the night is done I clean the outside of the machine with ammonia during each of the two cleansing cycles We go food shopping on Saturday All cans and packages that can be washed are For boxed goods I put on gloves and carefully open the top of the box and peel it away so that nothing inside could possibly touch the outside Then I put the contents in decontaminated Tupperware containers The kids school books and papers used to be a problemI didnt want to let them into the house but I knew I couldnt do that so we have a special homework The Violinist and The Son of Redhead: Two Plays by Leonard Melfi room and homework clothes Or them I hate this problem and what its done to me I have a great family they put up with me even though I put them through hell I know none of it makes sense but you dont know what it feels like trying to be so perfect to get things clean that you know donteally have to be No one else does this but then I think about getting AIDS or my family getting it And what if I was the unlucky one to somehow get it from something someone with AIDS touched What ifIRAIn Iras description you can see all of the many defining features of OCD anxiety painful thoughts Fairy Tales are True: Silent Reach from the Dunes to the Khumba Mela rituals he feels he cant control and the frustrating knowledge that his fears and compulsive actions make no sense But it is in the last line of the excerpt that he provides us with the answer to our uestion about the source of anxiety in OCD What if The intellectual and emotional uncertainty of what if is I believe theoot of most OCD symptoms By intellectual I am Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction referring to our ability to uestion any aspect of our lives for example wondering if the door is locked or how you will do on tomorrows test Emotional uncertaintyefers to our feelings about unpredictable events usually things that in some way threaten us or the people or things that are important to usThe core of OCD is trying to get Dying to Be Ill: True Stories of Medical Deception rid of uncertainty in our lives in an attempt to be percent certain Everyone sufferer and non sufferer alike knows what certainty feels like There are numerous aspects of our lives for which we take this feeling for granted My car is in the driveway I am sitting on a sofa at this momenteading a book the sun will Octavio's Journey rise tomorrow However while all of us feel certain about many things the truth is that the absolute certainty we feel is an illusion An event may be probable or improbable but neither is an absolute The inability to feel or be certain iseasonable My car may have been stolen and may no longer be in the driveway Rather than Philosophy in Social Work reading a book on the sofa perhaps Im actually in a state mental institution experiencing a veryealistic and Americana: The Kinks, the Riff, the Road: The Story remarkable hallucination Do I have any evidence to the contrary No after all by definition if Im delusional and hallucinating my senses are not to be trusted Certainly no one around me can answer the uestionmy wife might be part of my delusional system merely saying what I am making her say As for the sunising some cataclysmic cosmic event might destroy the sun tonight in which case there will be no dawn tomorrow Improbable is not impossibleTo better grasp the deceptive nature of certainty take a moment to imagine someone you love who is not in the oom with you ight now Is this individual alive If you answered yes how do you know Even if the two of you spoke to each other ten minutes ago isnt it possible that he or she has had an accident or a heart attack or has been physically attacked in those ten minutes And yet if this isnt the focus of your OCD concerns you still feel certain that your loved one is alive Despite the fact that your feeling is based on probability not truth despite the effect the loss of this person would have on you you have no urge to Organizing Power rush to the phone to make sure your loved one is alive You are coping in a normal wayegarding your feeling of certainty as truth and not planning to act otherwise unless you Bipedal, By Pedal: Confidential Mad Libs receive a horrible phone call informing you of disaster With your OCD symptoms you do theeverserather than waiting for disaster to occur you want immediate answers to your obsessive uestionsHaving OCD doesnt mean that you are consumed by a driven all pervasive pursuit of certainty in every aspect of your life That urge to be certain is Lost Treasure restricted to your OCD fears and concerns Some might suggest that OCD concerns are unreasonable as opposed toeasonable concerns They would argue that washing your hands for two hours to avoid contamination or driving around the block fifteen times to make sure you havent hit someone is not as Victorian Fashions: A Pictorial Archive, 965 Illustrations reasonable as worrying about a terrorist attack in the city you live in Myesponse to this is How could anyone argue that concerns about death disease or causing an accident are unreasonable Reasonable vs unreasonable is not the issue Non sufferers might also argue that the issue is not only the type of event but also the likelihood that it will occurthat non sufferers can live with uncertainty without anxiety for what we would identify as low probability events that is events not likely to occurBut this isnt true Everyone becomes concerned with low probability events at times in their lives Imagine being the parent of a teenage girl who is going out on her first date with a boy you dont know who has only had his drivers license for five months The odds are heavily in favor of her safely eturning home but how many parents would be unconcerned How would they feel if she was late Consider the anthrax scare that followed the destruction of the World Trade Center on September Although very few people contracted anthrax and even fewer died many people were terrified about opening their mail From a statistical point of view it waslikely that they would be maimed or killed in a car crash than contract anthrax but they were still anxious Why After all you dont hear people asking Do I eally need to Captain Corellis Mandolin risk being injured in a car crash just to go shopping at the mall The fact is that we all live withisk We drive cars to and from work We cross streets We go to sleep secure in our belief that if a fire starts our smoke detector will wake us in time And we all take precautions that are unnecessary or dont make sense Parents of newborn babies will often look in on their baby before going to bed If asked why they would tell you how much they just love looking at their baby sleeping so peacefully but they would also admit that they would feel uncomfortable going to bed without checking Lets look at this objectively If you put your baby to sleep at pm there are about three hours between then and your bedtime for something terrible to happen At pm when you go to bed you check the baby and now there is a whole night during which tragedy could occur In Landscapes of the Chinese Soul reality this is aitual check that may make the new parents feel better but it doesnt protect their babyIf this concern were the focus of your OCD youd freuently check your baby throughout the night Your OCD wants you to be percent certain who wouldnt want this But there is a problem Uncertainty is making you feel anxious and because of this you make the mistakefrom literally not knowing any betterof trying to alleviate your anxiety by obtaining absolute certainty You try to use logic to change your feelings and that doesnt workThe Landscapes of the Chinese Soul: The Enduring Presence of the Cultural Revolution reason we try to use logic to change feelings is that we are used to believing what our feelings tell ussome things feel so obvious that uestioning their veracity seems unnecessary eg your certainty that your loved ones are alive You experience feelings of certainty for the non OCD parts of your life Because of this when confronted by OCD fears you seek to feel the comforting illusion of certainty you feel in those unaffected parts of your life You desperately try to use what you logically know to change these feelingsit seems as though experiencing certainty should be easy and withineach Armed with logic you pursue the feeling of certainty sending yourself ound and ound in endless circles I know I dont want to hurt my wife but if I dont want to hurt her then why did the thought of hurting her pop into my head Maybe I have a secret urge to hurt her that I dont know about So maybe I will hurt her But why would I want to do that I love her Everyone knows I wouldnt hurt a fly Ive never hurt anyone Its an endless circle a vicious spiral of frustration and anxiety As you have discovered for every logical answer there is a what ifWhat you need to learn is that logic doesnt change feelings For example imagine that pizza is one of your favorite foods Think about how wonderful it tastes Now suppose you discover it is no longer safe for you to eat this food that your cholesterol is very high so you cant have anycheese in your diet Would knowing that cheese is dangerous for you make cheese taste bad UnlikelyLogic doesnt change your feelings It provides you with Media, Mobilization and the Umbrella Movement reasons to listen or not to listen to your feelings I may deprive myself of cheese because of my cholesterol problem but I will still love pizza What most people dontealize is that what they experience as a certainty is not a fact but a feeling Freuently our feeling of certainty correlates with Getting a Life with Asperger's: Lessons Learned on the Bumpy Road to Adulthood reality that is most of the time our car isnt stolen the sunises our loved ones have not been shot along with so many of our other expectations that we come to believe that this certainty emotion is a fact If this were true then how can Democrats and Republicans both have certainty about their beliefs Similarly how can two people who are devoutly dedicated to different eligions both be certain In both of these cases at least one group has to be wrong And although the odds of the sun not ising are slim cars do get stolen and people do get shot Rather than Encyclopedia of Management Development Methods representing a factualeality the feeling of certainty at most The Heart of Coaching Supervision: Working with Reflection and Self-Care represents a probability and not necessarily a high one Despite this we cling to trying to feel certain not only because it is so ofteneinforced by the environment but because we are wired to pursue this feeling So logic fails as it must For some of you the failure of logic and the France is a Feast: The Photographic Journey of Paul and Julia Child resulting vicious circle of endless uestioning and anxiety have left you feeling that you are no longer able to discern whether or not something is safe that not washing your handseally may harm your family that you did un over someone on the way to the office or that
dont know whether or not door you are staring at is locked You know what you are feeling but you dont understand why The words you use in an attempt to capture your emotional experience havent been accurate with egard to what is actually happening You tell yourself and others that Blood Orange rituals cant beesisted so you cant stop washing your hands or that your judgment is impaired because you cant tell whether or not your hands are clean after two hours of washing It is hard to separate how you feel from what you know when you dont have the language to communicate what is happening inside As a Trial by Fire (All We Hold Dear (Sequel) Book 2) result both you and therapists inexperienced with the treatment of OCD can end up focusing on the wrong goalsSo are your perceptions accurate Do you know anything for certain Can you get better without knowing The answer to the last is yes Knowing is too difficult Therefore lets focus not on what you know but on what you guess Throughout this book I will be asking you to make your best guess about different situations Coming up with a best guess means you dont have to be sure of your answer This can be very hard because you want to feel that your guess isight If can be very hard because you want to feel that your guess is A Sudden Dawn right If wereight it wouldnt be a guess To help you guess you can use a method that I call the Gun TestThe next time you are having trouble making a decision think of the following scenario Imagine I have a gun pointed at you and your loved ones and I am going to give you a single guess about your concern for example Will this particular contamination kill your children Is the front door open You will only have one guess and if you guess wrong you and they will be killed You dont have to be confident in your guess but you do have to guess because if you dont everyone will be killed What is your guess To date everyone makes the ight guess I put ight in uotes to denote that it is not so much Dziewczynka right as it is merely the same guess that those who arent suffering from OCD would make The Gun Test is an aid to help you distinguish between what you intellectually and logically know from the emotional feeling of certainty you want It wont however make your guess feelightif it did you would be done with OCD Learning to guess and to live with the conseuences of guessing will play an important part in your self guided programObviously the program you will be designing for yourself in the coming chapters will be built onthan just guesses In thinking about your program ask yourself if the ideas in this chapter have begun to change your thoughts about ecovery You probably started with the general goal of wanting to overcome OCD wishing your thoughts and ituals would stop and your anxiety would go away It seemed that getting better would put an end to painful doubting You may have even heard of OCD eferred to as the doubting disease But I hope that after eading this chapter you have come to ealize that this is wrongdoubt is normal OCD is the problem in which you try to eradicate all doubtand that is impossible As near as we can tell the only people to possess absolute certainty are stupidsomething that you are not Non sufferers may tell you that they are definitely certain about some things The truth is that they feel certain when the odds are not absolute either % or % Technically they are comfortable with uncertainty just as you are in the parts of your life unaffected by OCD To achieve your desire of overcoming OCD you now know that learning to live with uncertainty needs to be one of your goalsCan you do this I think you can Youve seen how you have already successfully lived with many uncertainties every moment of your life The idea is to learn how to cope with your OCD uncertainties the same way you cope with lifes other uncertainties To achieve this you need to understand why you have greater difficulty with uncertainty than non sufferers in other words why do you have OCD To answer this uestion in the next chapter we will look at the factors that gave ise to your OCDChapter No one likes uncertainty but why is coping with it harder for you than for non sufferers Is there something different about your biology Did you somehow learn to have OCD The answer to these uestions is yes OCD is both a learned and a biological disorder and these two factors interact with each other The experience of one of my clients Mary is a good example of the interplay between biology and learning Mary had an eight year history of severe contamination Bayou Country Bloodsport rituals She was afraid of germs and illness particularly hepatitis and was fearful of making herself and her family sick Simply leaving the house was an ordeal Her husband did all the food shopping because she didnt want to touch anything at the supermarket Doctors and nurses who may have had contact with hepatitis may have been there touching everything For the sameeason she had not bought new clothes for years Her husband and children had to engage in cleaning ituals when they came home from work or school In discussing history of suffering Mary said she felt like absolute hell during some of those years There were other years in which she wasnt functioning but they somehow didnt feel as badAfter going through an intensive treatment program Mary became basically symptom free During the year that followed treatment she would periodically call me when she found herself slipping Wed make an appointment but Mary always canceled it because in the week between her phone call and our scheduled appointment she did everything I would have suggested she do and her symptoms abated Then a year after her treatment she finally came to an appointment Although using the techniues she had learned in treatment helped her to keep functioning she continued to be plagued by painful urges After a few weeks her psychiatrist and I decided to put her back on an SSRI antidepressant and shortly thereafter her OCD urges ceasedI believe the dysfunctional years that felt like absolute hell to Mary before her treatment epresented times when her OCD was a function of both biology and learning For the other pretreatment years when she felt unable to function even though she didnt feel as bad I believe her OCD was being maintained purely on the basis of learned esponses After treatment she experienced two kinds of slips slips based on learned factors that were overcome with techniues she had learned in therapy and slips esulting from a shift in her biology which necessitated the use of medication to Esperanza renace return to symptom free functioningThough we may never agree on whether the chicken or the egg came first when it comes to OCD we do know that biology precedes learning Research suggests that a person will not develop OCD without having a biological vulnerability to it This means that people dont cause their own OCD It is not theesult of some character weakness on your part or something that your parents did to youLets look briefly at the biology underlying OCD before turning to the learned factors What you most need to know about the biology of OCD is not the nitty gritty biochemistry and neuroanatomy but how the underlying biology is elated to your emotional experience of OCDOCD and Neurobiology Its Not All LearnedOCD is a neurobiological disorderthat is the differences between you and non sufferers are eflected in the biology of your brain Many of you find these words comforting They are proof that you have a American Masters of the Mississippi Gulf Coast: George Ohr, Dusti Bonge, Walter Anderson, Richmond Barthe real problemyou arent just being willfully difficult or controlling At the same time its terrifying to think that somethingeally is wrong with you However it would be wrong to accept the neurobiological aspect of OCD as a complete explanation of the disorder Unfortunately many people including professionals make this mistake When treatment decisions are based on this misunderstanding the esult is incomplete treatment To understand the underlying neurobiology of OCD is to only partially understand OCDAt present scientific evidence suggests that OCD is genetically transmitted This means that the biology you were born with made youvulnerable to developing OCD Some of you may protest and say your OCD started not in childhood but later in life But because the control our genes have over our lives is very complicated developing OCD later in life is not evidence that genes dont have a ole in OCD Encoded in our genes is what age we will hit puberty when our hair will turn gray and how susceptible we may be to heart diseaseThe biological component of OCD is not always active As Marys history illustrates OCD sufferers can experience periods during which symptoms are less severe or even absent even without treatment Some of you may experience symptom free years followed by a Sitzungs-Berichte Der Gesellschaft Naturforschender Freunde Zu Berlin: Jahrgang 1893 (Classic Reprint) return of old or new OCD symptoms while others may experience a predictable cycle of symptoms increasing and decreasing in severity Still others may have symptoms that are ever present These kinds of variations can also be seen in other psychiatric problems such as depression and in part can be accounted for by an activation and deactivation of the neurobiological components of OCDAt this point in time the factors that cause the OCD genes to turn on are unknown Scientists assume that stress and learning as well as biological mechanisms play aole in activating the genes Again we see this kind of phenomenon in other health problems Individuals with a predisposition to migraine headaches will develop them in From Muslim to Christian Granada response to a variety of triggers These include external stressors as well as internal ones such as hormonal changes For individuals without the genetic vulnerability there are no triggers that will cause a migraine headacheUponeading that there is a genetic component to OCD some of you may be concerned about having children I hope no one would use this information as a eason not to have children If you have OCD there is a one in four chance that your child will have it Important esults from OCD twin studies find that there is not a percent concordance for OCD in identical twins that is for a sizable number of the twin pairs only one member had OCD Having a genetic vulnerability for OCD is not the same as saying you will develop OCDKnowing that OCD has a genetic component tells you nothingthan there is a Resonance of Suffering: Countertransference in Non-Neurotic Structures reason you have OCD But how does this component lead to your experience of OCD The next step would be to explain that genes and other factors lead to a chemical imbalance in your brain The most studied theory of this sortegarding OCD is called the serotonergic theory Brain cells communicate with one another through neurotransmitters and serotonin is one of many chemicals that the brain uses as a neurotransmitter This theory does not suggest as many mistakenly believe that OCD sufferers do not have enough serotonin in the brain The The Afterlife of Little Women research indicates that they have enough serotonin but that it is not as available as it needs to be for certain brain communications to take placeHow does this lead to OCD feelings and urges The brain is not a simple organ it has many different parts each with its own special tasks and functions For those suffering from OCD the problem isnt simply the unavailability of serotonin throughout the brain instead it is the unavailability of serotonin in specific parts of the brain The structures of the brain that are affected by OCDthe orbital cortex basal ganglia striatum caudate nucleus and thalamusare interconnected and form a circuit whereesearchers suspect OCD symptoms originate Messages that are ignored by non sufferers keep intruding on consciousness and Domesticating Drink: Women, Men, and Alcohol in America, 1870-1940 reuire conscious effort to be suppressed by those suffering from OCDAt this level of explanation the theories begin to evoke your experience you know the feeling of intrusive thoughts all too well A clearer explanation of theole these brain structures may play in your experience of OCD has been offered by William Hewlett a Lord Byron at Harrow School: Speaking Out, Talking Back, Acting Up, Bowing Out researcher from Vanderbilt University What appears here is a simplified version of his ideas He suggests that one of the functions of the brain structures involved in OCD isesponding to uncertainty with discomfort From an evolutionary point of view this makes perfect sense Imagine primitive man walking through a jungle and hearing a noise behind him His chances of survival will be enhanced if he feels nervous enough to turn around and check the jungle behind him for danger Being uncomfortable with uncertainty is normal and can be healthyAnother function of the brain structures involved in OCD suggested by Hewlett is "Responding To Task Completion With "to task completion with of our brain drive us to complete what we start Again this is normal and healthy From an evolutionary point of view you dont build a complex civilization like ours if there is no motivation to complete anything This is the deficit that youve come to fear and hate this is the biology underlying your experience of I know I did x check the locks wash my hands etc so why dont I know that I did x Again the logical facts we are aware of and the emotional feeling of certainty are two different events And just as you cant instantly make yourself happy sad or mad you cant make yourself experience emotional certainty on commandHaving OCD may mean that you have a lower threshold for these Teaching Machines: Learning from the Intersection of Education and Technology responses so you feelanxious inesponse to less uncertainty and when an action is completed you dont experience the feeling of completion Its not that youre overwhelmed by every potential uncertainty in your life For example you may have a moment like many of us do Did I set the clock What was that bump in the Sisi: Empress on Her Own road Look how cute and helpless that baby isit would be so easy to hurt Most peopleespond to such thoughts by checking the clock looking in the earview mirror and turning their thoughts away from what they could do to the baby But the brains of OCD sufferers Hewlett suggests are better at learning avoidance esponses The very fact that you so strongly avoid the discomfort elicited by uncertainty makes youlikely in future confrontations with similar situations to experience anxiety and a desire to escape that situationIn this model biology sets the stage for learning You feel greater anxiety in The Art of Slow Writing: Reflections on Time, Craft, and Creativity response to uncertainty and try to avoid it However for every logical solution you put forth you find a way to uestion it Obtaining absolute certainty is impossible I touched the faucet knobs after washing my handsmaybe they areecontaminated And what about the doorknob Maybe the last person who touched it didnt wash their hands What am I going to do This is further exacerbated by not feeling the normal satisfaction of completing an act If you have OCD you know the frustration of engaging in a The Life of Samuel Johnson ritual and knowing you have done it but at the same time feeling like you havent agonizing uncertainty Ive been checking the stove for an hour I can see it is off but it doesnt feel like it is offWhat this tells us is that the different presentations of OCD are theesult of biology setting the stage for learning OCD Statistical Inference responses Your specific checkingituals or violent obsessions are the A Wizard in Love result of a complex mix of your cultural background personal history environment and state of mind at the onset of your OCD symptoms Thus theange of OCD symptoms is the esult of the disorders learned.
ComponentOCD and Learning Its Not All BiologyLearned emotions as we know can be very powerful very esistant to change and most important are not altered by medication After all when you take medication you dont forget how to add where you live your feelings of love for your family or unfortunately your OCD concernsWhen we think about learning we usually think about choosing something we are interested in and then making an effort to learn it Given this why would anyone choose to learn obsessive compulsive behavior The answer is simple by accident You didnt and couldnt know that what you were doing at a given point was going to lead to OCD At some moment when your biological vulnerability to OCD was active your brain wassensitive to uncertainty Compared to non sufferers you would have feltanxiety in esponse to less uncertainty You may have been confronted by something that triggered your anxietyperhaps a violent thought a dirty bathroom or a homework assignment you wanted to do a good job on Your initial Presidential Secrecy and the Law response to this anxiety was to try toemedy the situationby avoidance perhaps or eassurance You would likely epeat the behavior that worked in that situation the next time you found yourself in that same anxiety provoking situationAs an example imagine that Im afraid of cats and I know I wont feel anxious if I can successfully avoid them One of my coping techniues might be to have my cat owning friends lock up their pets when I visit This would work except you know how cat owners arethey dont take your fears as seriously as you do So every now and then the cat might escape and Hume on Religion run across theoom There is that horrible startle when I first see the cat and then Ill feel terrible anxiety until the animal is put away Eventually Ill come up with a new strategy My cat owning friends can come to my house or they can meet me in a public place but as long as they have a cat Im not going to their house And while Im on the subject what about those people who live three blocks from me who let their cats un loose Whenever I walk by their house I have to cross the street But then one day I think to myself Why walk down that street at all If I keep progressing along this path of avoidance I will get to the point where walking out of my front door is difficult because a cat might be close by My descent might be in small gradual stepsso small that it is not noticeable Similarly OCD does not usually occur suddenly that is an individual isnt washing their hands normally one day and then washing them for five hours the nextAccording to psychologists there are two kinds of learning classical conditioning and operant conditioning Classical conditioning is the association of emotions or feelings with cues and stimuli Take eating for example Besides wanting food when your body needs nourishment you may feel hunger at other times at noon because this is your egular lunchtime or when someone brings a box of doughnuts or chocolates to work You have learned to feel hunger in conjunction with these nonbiological stimuli This kind of learning has little to do with what is City Schools: Lessons from New York rational or what you know With OCD this simple conditioning accounts for much of the nightmare and seemingly irrational frustration of OCD fears when a sufferer feels anxious about a situation or thought that seemingly has noational connectionImagine for example that I attach an electrode to your hand and every time I The Widow's Lawman ring a bell I administer a shock After a number of trials you would begin to jump at the sound of the bell before the actual shock came Now imagine that Iemove the electrode Logic tells you that nothing will happen when the bell The Story Within rings But when Iing the bell youll still jump This is what has happened with your OCDyou have accidentally conditioned yourself to First Resorts: Pursuing Pleasure at Saratoga Springs, Newport, Coney Island respond to certain situations with anxiety When you are confronted with these situations it doesnt matter what you logically know your body still jumps Until you go through treatment your body will continue toespond with fearwhether or not it makes senseWhile classical conditioning explains how our feelings come to be associated with different stimuli and situations operant conditioning accounts for how we will behave in God Gave Me a Mulligan: A Journalist's Life in War and Peace response to different stimuli and situations Through operant conditioning we learn to pursue whatever iseinforcingthat is worksin the short Elephant Slaves and Pampered Parrots: Exotic Animals in Eighteenth-Century Paris run whether it be going after something positive and pleasurable like food or avoiding something negative like anxietySo operant conditioning wont explain why you feel hunger but instead iteinforces any action that alleviates hunger That action is likely to be The American Academic Profession: Transformation in Contemporary Higher Education repeated in future situations involving hunger But eating doughnuts is alsoeinforcing because they taste good Given this operant conditioning suggests that when doughnuts are available in future mornings you will belikely to eat them just for the tasteeven if you arent hungryOperant conditioning also explains avoidance behavior Lets The Rise and Fall of the Biopsychosocial Model: Reconciling Art and Science in Psychiatry return to the bell and shock example except this timeather than take the shock electrode off Im going to give you a button that prevents the shock if you press it as soon as you hear the bell It isnt difficult to predict that you will soon be pressing the button every time you hear the bell Avoiding shock is The Arena: An Offering to Contemporary Monasticism reinforcing In the early stages of developing OCD avoidance you probably felt less anxious after engaging in aitual or avoidance the Jewish Thought, Utopia, and Revolution ritual worked Operant conditioning does not tell us how you will feel in a situation it tells us how you will actThese two kinds of learning work together Imagine a sufferer to be whose OCD will focus on contamination Perhaps he is in a publicestroom looking at a disgustingly filthy urinal when thoughts about AIDS arise Because of his underlying biological vulnerability he feelsanxious about this compared to someone with less vulnerability He washes his hands the way he usually does but is still thinking about AIDS when it occurs to him Some people dont use soap when they wash their hands some people dont even wash their hands so the A Kangaroo's Life restroom door might be contaminated and maybe I could get AIDS Im going to use my elbow to open the door just in case The avoidance works and he feels less anxious He may continue to have some discomfort with thoughts of the bathroom and AIDS throughout the day but that probably wont be enough to foster newituals The next time he is in a public estroom he is likely to feel anxious classical conditioning and because it worked before he will want to use the same avoidance techniue when he leaves operant conditioningThrough classical conditioning this sufferers fear of contracting AIDS has begun to be associated with bathrooms When he needs to go to a public estroom he will feel some anxiety and will be a littlecareful than he used to be He will become conscious of other places in the bathroom that might be too dangerous to touch He will continue to use his elbow to open the door Why not It isnt a big deal it doesnt take much time and this way he wont have to worry about his hands becoming contaminated Without Filosofía e inmanencia realizing it though his problem is getting worse Over time he is conditioning himself to feelanxiety and to findways to avoid his fearsIt is important toemember what is driving the behavior of our sufferer the fear of the possibility of contracting AIDS Fear not the practical threat of contracting AIDS is the sensation that drives behavior Fear is upsetting in its own The Monacan Indian Nation of Virginia: The Drums of Life right you engage inituals in an attempt to alleviate your anxiety as much as to avoid the feared conseuence itself for example I might contract AIDS If you think about the differences between your good days and bad days it is not that the world was safer on good days the public estroom isnt any less contaminated on good days On good days you felt less fearful about your OCD concernsPossibilitythe possibility of a feared conseuence happeningis merely another word eflecting uncertainty As your OCD grows in severity the intensity of your anxiety will increase and your tolerance for your particular uncertainty will decrease Finding a way to know to be absolutely certain your fear wont be ealized seems like the only possible escape from fear But there is always another what if More andstimulipeople places and situationsbecome frightening as classical conditioning associates these stimuli with fear Through operant conditioning the ways you choose to avoid anxiety will also multiply Over time using your elbows to open the door in a public estroom may lead you to completely avoid public RESTROOMS AND ENGAGE IN SPECIAL CLEANING and engage in special cleaning once youre home The list of places and people to be avoided and One of Our Thursdays Is Missing rituals to be engaged in growsTo make matterscomplicated behavior is not only driven byeward but also by the possibility of On the Field of Glory: an Historical Novel of the Time of King John Sobieski reward Theesult of this is like gamblingengaging in behaviors that are unlikely to pay off In other words people pursue hope even false hopeImagine playing the slot machines at a casino Like everyone else you know the slots are there to make money for the casino You already know that if you start playing you will probably lose money But what happens when you are standing in front of a slot machine You think about how incredible it would be to hit the jackpot You have wonderful fantasies about how to spend your winnings It could happen some people do win You want this so badly it is as if it wouldnt be fair if you lost So you put a uarter inthree if you are Lassie Come-Home really seriouspull the lever and then shock Exactly what you would have predicted happened You lost You stand there in disbelief it feels wrong as if you deserved to win Do you walk away No you put in another uarter Every now and then you do winnot enough to offset your losses but enough to keep you playing If you have a gambling problem you wont stop until youun out of moneyYou do the same thing with your OCD Your The People from the Sea rituals often dont work you say but once you get started you feel unable to stop And like the gambler when faced with an accidental exposure you are faced with a choice You can walk away and suffer all day or if you can just get thisitual St Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves right youll be free for theest of the day So you gamble on the itual And as with the gambler your prediction comes trueeither you get lost in endless ituals stopping only when you give up out of exhaustion or just as bad the Mr. Majeika and the Dinner Lady and Mr. Majeika and the Music Teacher rituals work but just enough to keep you hooked on chasing themThese two types of conditioning form the basis of our understanding of the learned components of OCD Do learning and biology combine to make your fears andituals irresistible Many of you have come to believe this But it isnt true You dont have to Twilight of the Idols ritualize Saying you dont have toitualize is not the same as saying the choice is simple and painless The decision is a difficult one in which you are weighing the pain of engaging in or Ninth City Burning (War of the Realms, resistingituals against your expectations of the possible conseuences and how you will feel afterward Before treatment you feel like the choice is between painful Der Ritter und die Bastardtochter rituals that might work and anxiety and obsessions that feel as though they will never end Before treatment you may believe this is no choice at allThere is another version of the Gun Test that can help youealize that Chinaberries and Crows ritualizing is a choice Imagine Im holding a gun to your head or to the heads of your loved ones I tell you that if youitualize Ill shoot Im not leaving so this is not a matter of waiting Under these circumstances will you engage in your ituals If the answer is no that you would esist then you are admitting it is a choice Again it may be a very difficult choice but it is a choice nonetheless Now suppose I asked you to float three feet in the air under your own power for thirty seconds to prevent me from shooting Outside of a miracle you wont float because you cant even when threatened by death This is an example of having no choice You may argue that all of this is a contrived scenario and that in Blessed Are the Wicked real life there is no weapon pointed at your head but you are wrong There is one Its called OCD and every time you give in to yourituals you and your family lose another piece of your lifeWe all make choices depending on the ewards and punishments we expect to eceive Since you dont make decisions to itualize with guns pointed at your head is there any proof or eal life evidence you can point to that demonstrates how Stories from a Siberian Village ritualizing is a choice Yes Many OCD sufferersitualizein private than in public Recently I met a new client Jane at my center I held out my hand for her to shake and for the briefest of moments she hesitated before taking it I was not surprised to find out that her OCD focused on contamination But she made the choice "to touch my hand despite her fear of "touch my hand despite her fear of contact with others At that moment the discomfort of embarrassment was greater than her fear If Reform, Red Scare, and Ruin rituals were truly irresistible this couldnt happenAll of our behavior takes place within a contexta complex set of cues and stimuli determining what we are likely to feel and how we are likely toespond at any given moment These are learned through complex interactions between operant and classical conditioning For Jane part of the context included the fear stimulus of my extended hand with its many possible contaminants Her taking my hand wasnt a function of her feeling safe Her contextual environment also included being in my centers waiting Grauwacht room and perhapsimportant on this occasion the presence of an unknown person and how this person might judge her For many of you the fear of public humiliation inesponse to your ituals is worse than the fears driving your urges to itualize For the Lies, Damned Lies, and History rituals you do perform in public you may often believe that no one will notice or that they dont look too bad Or the obsessive fear driving your urge may be greater than your fear of embarrassmentBroadly defined context is simply a description of anything and everything associated with the performance of a behavior This concept is very powerful in its ability to predict behavior Aat for example can be trained to press a lever to obtain food Suppose there is a The New World red light and a green light in theats cage When the green light is on if the You Wouldn't Want to Be an Inca Mummy!: A One-way Journey You'd Rather Not Make rat presses the lever he will beeinforced with food but when the ed light is on food wont be available and pressing the lever wont do anything The at will uickly learn not to waste his time with pressing the lever while the The Fashion Industry and Its Careers: An Introduction red light is on The green light though becomes part of theats context for lever pressingHow does this Love from Left Field relate to OCD Many of you may have discovered that your OCD isnt as severe when you are away from your normal work and home lifeperhaps on a vacation despite the fact that you may still be confronted with triggers that usuallyesult in Auschwitz: True Tales from a Grotesque Land ritualizing For those of you for whom this is true the vacation environment is not part of your contextual environment foritualizing and as a Einführung in die germanistische Linguistik result you feel less anxious I have met some sufferers who have made the mistake of deciding that the best way to cope with their OCD was to move to a new place If thiseally did work it would be an ideal treatment Unfortunately without treatment the problems that sufferers have will inevitably gradually クロネコ彼氏の甘え方 [Kuroneko Kareshi no Amaekata] reassert themselves in the new locationDoes everyone initially experienceelief when he or she goes on vacation or moves to a new area Of course not Everyone is an individual Just as the Sneeuwwitje moet sterven range of OCD fears andituals is limitless so too are the myriad ways context will play a Slavík role in a sufferers behavior For some of you your OCD is so portable that you never have anyelief For others you will feel as though different environments vary in safetyContext isthan simply your environment Your own behavior is a part of the context that controls your emotions and behaviors Your Clouds From Both Sides rituals are both aesponse to your OCD fears and a part of the context that triggers further The Economy As An Evolving Complex System II rituals You have probably found that as your OCD progressesituals that used to work for you begin to fail to alleviate your anxiety and discomfort When this happens you Korsika Und Die (Fast) Ungewollte Dezimierung Seiner Bevolkerung repeat theitual with the same disappointing outcome What is happening Consider the thoughts you have when you worry about A BRIEF CATECHISM OF BIBLE DOCTRINE ritualizing I hope this isnt one of those times when myituals get out of hand This is not a comforting thought Your emotional Rood, of waarom pesten niet grappig is response to it will likely be an increase in anxiety which makes youritual less likely to work since a main goal of the The Routledge Handbook of Moral Epistemology ritual is to decrease anxiety If you doepeat the Colonial South Carolina: A History ritual your anxiety will further increase Oh no is it happening Is this going to be one of those times when I lose control With eachepetition your anxiety Freitags in der faulen Kobra risesthe opposite of your goal Your suffering anxiety and frustration mount Yourituals have become a part of your context for failing You stop performing them not because they worked but because you gave up out of exhaustion On such occasions Figura Cryptica. Theorie Der Literarischen Latenz ritualizing feels like being in a hole and trying to dig your way outunfortunately you are going in the wrong directionLike behavior our emotions are not onlyesponses to triggers and context but can themselves be triggers for other emotions and behavior Responding to your internal environment is called state dependent learning Consider the example of a 42 Lessons I Learnt from Bollywood rat placed in a T maze a long alley at the end of which theat must go ight or left Prior to being placed in the alley the at is given an injection of either a stimulating drug or a saline solution that has no effect For the Foreign Language Education the Easy Way rat injected with the active drug food will be placed at the end of the path leading to the left When theat is injected with the saline solution it will find that the food has been placed on the Alpha Beta right Theat uickly learns to go left when injected with the active drug and to go Dammit! right when injected with the saline solution Obviously it is not the drug that makes theat turn left since we could Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage reverse the contingencies and put the food on theight when it is given the drug The Geology of the Delaware Basin Guadalupe, Apache and Glass Mountains New Mexico and West Texas rat has learned where food will be depending on its internal physical stateIn people an example of state dependent learning can be seen in a student who drinks a great deal of coffee when studying for a test This student will do better on the test if he drinks coffee before taking it The material was learned in a caffeinated state and the individual will bestecall that learning in the same state The implication is that how we are feeling physically and emotionally is not only a Ark of Bones and Other Stories response to what is happening to us Our feelings also play aole in determining how we are likely to The Rhine respond in a given situation and will serve as a trigger for other feelings thoughts and memoriesHow does this apply to you Perhaps you have found that your OCD gets worse when you are exposed to stressors that have nothing to do with OCD for example arguments with a spouse problems at work getting married or moving to a new house This makes perfect sense During your worst OCD episodes what were you feeling Overwhelming stress perhaps accompanied by depression Whatever feelings were present during your worst OCD trials will become triggers for your OCD From this point of view the following chain of events would be typical You are stressed by a non OCD situation such as problems at work These feelings of stress will trigger your body toespond with an increase in OCD feelings which may be experienced as any or all of the following heightened anxiety that gets your guard up in case you come into contact with stimuli and situations that you fear greater anxiety when youre accidentally exposed to things you fear increased urges to Die drei ??? Poltergeist ritualize making compulsions harder toesist or 90 Degrees to Zamboanga: Memoirs of a 20-year Marijuana Smuggling Adventure rituals that dont feelight when performed causing you to Going To Dolpo repeat them over and over If your initial stressor was OCDelated then your anxiety and urges to Voll Dampf: Fiktionale Steamgeschichten ritualize would be further exacerbated because the contextclosely matches the original learning situation that caused you toitualize in the first placeIn viewing emotions as part of the context that will increase or decrease the likelihood of OCD Thyroid Cancer: A Guide for Patients responses we begin to tie together our picture of OCD as both biological and learned Our feelings are a mixture of what is happening in both our internal and external environments We are all aware of how the external world affects us Internal events affect your mood and your behavior as well If you are very sick with the flu are suffering from PMS had a poor nights sleep or have a hangover your emotional and behavioralesponses to your environment are likely to be different A change in your internal environment changes your experience of the world and your Hägar Der Schreckliche: Auf Sie Mit Gebrüll / Gut Gekämpft Ist Halb Gewonnen / Dem Mutigen Gehört Die Welt reactions to it When your OCD neurobiology is turned on the world and how you perceive it is changed in a way that facilitates OCD learning and the stage is set for you to learn OCDesponsesHow does this mix of biology and learning determine which fears and ituals will characterize your OCD At this point in time we can only make guesses Learning is probablyimportant than biology since members of the same family with OCD will often have very different symptoms For some of you there may be a traumatic triggering event that makes the focus of your OCD easy to understand For others personal history may play a ole but there are so many ways this could take place that we wouldnt be able to predict your form of OCD from your life history alone For many of you the best predictor of the form your OCD will take may simply have to do with what thoughts captured your mind when you were most vulnerable to its emergence Though we arent able to predict the form someones OCD will take we are increasingly able to understand the process of how OCD is learned and acuired which is the key to structuring an effective treatment programAt this point I hope your new understanding of where your OCD feelings urges and behaviors come from will help make what you are experiencing less mysterious Your OCD follows Ludwigshöhe rulesits not some uncontrollable beast You are not crazy Biology and learning have brought you to this point But you dont yet know enough to design yourecovery program because knowing about the factors that gave Sport and Modern Social Theorists: Theorizing Homo Ludens rise to your OCD is just the beginning of understanding OCD itself What are obsessions and compulsions What is the connection between them This is our focus in the next chapterChapter Up to this point my focus has been on the whys of OCDhelping you make sense of the forces that have givenise to the obsessive compulsive feelings and urges that drive your behavior Hopefully you have come to The Terrible Two realize that however extreme severe and even disabling your symptoms might be they are still on the continuum of experiences that everyone in the world hasNow lets shift from the whys of OCD to the whats and howsthe core OCD experiences and how they interact with one another This will provide the building blocks for you to analyze and evaluate your own obsessive compulsive behavior in preparation for designing your own self guided treatment programWhat Sufferers FearThere are two aspects of the OCD experience your fears and how youespond to them Lets first consider the Beautiful Minds Anonymous ( a book of poems ) range of OCD fears Your OCD focuses on a limited number of uncertainties that have become your source or sources of anxiety The frightening and uncomfortable thoughts and feelings arising from these uncertainties are called obsessions The word obsession is generally used in many different ways Sometimes it is used toefer to the process of thinking the same thoughts over and over again or endlessly trying to analyze something Its also used to describe something we like love or are addicted to In this book Im using the word obsession to describe what it is that you fearWhat do sufferers fear What are their obsessions A better uestion is What can people be uncertain about The content of obsessions is limited only by human imagination which is to say their variety is limitless Your obsessions can focus on the external world for example being contaminated by germs or causing hit and Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down run accidents or the internal world for example experiencing unwanted violent or blasphemous thoughtsThis book is NOT JUST for OCD sufferers Many of us have fleeting glimpses of being stuck in our minds Jon Grayson s cutting edge approach can help all of us learn to confront our fears as we learn to live in the moment Dr Mehmet OzDr Grayson writes about OCD with the mind of a scholar and the heart of a healer Anyone who is plagued with chronic doubt anxiety and destructiveigid social behavior should I'm at a Networking Event--Now What???: A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Any Networking Event read this book and listen to what it says Daniel Gottlieb PhD host of NPR s Voices in the FamilyNot just another self help book this is an actual course of interactive therapy that breaks the cycle of fears anditual Dr Grayson s uniuely empathetic and effective approach offers Ludes, a Ballad of the Drug and the Dream readers the understanding and motivation they need to get welland stay wellPatricia B Perkins JD executive director Obsessive Compulsive Foundati.

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