PDF KINDLE [BaPar Fever Bride: A Billionaire Romance (BaPar Fever Love Livre 1)]

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Sional went out the window the SECOND SHE STORMED INTO MY LIFESHES she stormed into my lifeShes my last chance at stopping a scheme to steal the family fortune turning my riches to ragsBut Im Hayden Shaw Im in control I dont back down Ms Naughty and Nice will never ver know how bad Im twisted up in our chaseThis isnt Cinderella and Im no Prince Soon Ill show Penny this isnt all make believe Consummating this marriage

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about to very real Break out the ice This is a stand alone romance novel with baby fever so hot it takes an obsessive possessive alpha male to cure it No cliffhanger High heat sugary sweet and Happily Ever Afters ahe. I DONT HAVE TIME FOR LOVE I NEED A BABY NOWPENNYMy biological clock
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explodedEighteen months how long I have to make a baby happen before it becomes onebroken dreamFate has a sick sense of humor though Its name is Hayden ShawYes the Hayden Shaw Billionaire developer scandalously gorgeous his hard headed go only Smokin' Hot eclipsed by hisnormousreputationThe man who has Placing Memory everythingxcept one missing pieceHe needs a bride to fool the world I a baby Hello first class donor materialIts simple business professional A no nonsense pretend my panties arent melting tradeLove isnt in the fine print No I dont.

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Care how many times I have to stop swooning when Im in his arms locked in his kiss smiling like were meant to be for the camerasSimple I said remember Yeah Who the hell am I kidding HAYDENMy new wife is completely insane The spitfire who just agreed to play pretend thinks were doing this baby thing in a lab without nding up between the sheetsToo bad I see right through lab without nding up between the sheetsToo bad I see right through whenever she says her favorite line Strictly professionalPleaseToo bad I taste how bad she wants it when were giving the press something to talk about lips tangled together like theres no tomorrowToo damned bad shes perfection itself and profes.
Baby Fever Bride: A Billionaire Romance (Baby Fever Love Book 1)