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Ding historical And it s tailor made for classes at almost any level middle school or above literally including small uizzes throughout Highly recommended For those who get most of their news through social media this book should be on top of their reading list I enjoyed reading the history of fake news especially the section on some of OUR UNITED STATES EARLIER POLITICIANS I GENERALLY AGREE WITH United States earlier politicians I generally agree with other 5 star reviews but add this caveat I bought the Kindle edition My Kindle s screen is 6 inches measured diagonally and I found all of the screen captures examples and exercises extremely difficult to read even with a magnifying glass The screen shots are simply too small and there s no way to increase their size on my Kindle After viewing several exercises with various magnifying glasses and lenses I eventually skipped them The author provides her answers in regular sized font so the reader can get the gist of the exercises without doing them But I feel slightly cheated in this regard This was an eye opening very informative helpful book Interesting examples of fake news from the past Very helpful and informative of what to do before believe that item you read online or sharing that news item you read A must read for everyone I really liked this book Very educational well researched fun to read and the author has a good sense of humor at just the right moment I highly recommend this book In fact if you like to give books for Christmas this would be the perfect one for In fact if you like to give books for Christmas this would be the perfect one for or everybodyAs an aside the author even inserted a "Little Fake News Herself "fake news herself she called Hitler s political party the National Party We all now the name of the party was the National Socialist Party Also the author s strong implication that NBC the Washington Post and the BBC are politically neutral when clearly they are not I ve followed Cindy on Twitter for some time and she is a very smart woman I m in my 50s and I can tell you that her book is well written meticulously researched and very informative Everyone will learn something by reading this book I would highly recommend it it s well worth the money you will pay for it and you will not get bored reading it. Cluding actionable tips on how to spot fake news how to make sense of the information we receive each day and perhaps most importantly how to understand and see past our own information biases so that we can think critically about important issues and put events happening around us into context True or False includes a wealth of photo illustrations informative inserts and sidebars containing interesting facts and trivia sure to engage readers in critical thinking and analysisThis title has common core connections. I had previously read about disinformation and smear campaigns by prospective senators in ancient Rome but I never uite made the connection to our recent Western history until reading this excellent book Thomas Jefferson one of the prime intellects of His Time Surreptitiously Publishing Bald Faced Lies time surreptitiously publishing bald faced lies his opponent and in turn being outed as having a long standing affair and children with one of his slaves Another one of my heros has tumbled off his pedestal Poor clueless Marie Antoinette the unfortunate victim of yellow press style tactics by way of so called libelles which gave rise to the English word libel painting her as a jaded strumpet and an enemy of the French people the fact that I still believed the uote let them eat cake to have actually come from her is a testament to the persistence of false information What to speak of now when a tweet containing completely and verifiably false information is published and has garnered 24 million views by the time it s taken down It still strikes me as by the time it s taken down It still strikes me as that as a people we hold the concept of TRUTH in such high regard yet spend most of our time either fabricating or consuming lies to convince ourselves and others of our opinion Be that as it may this book is certainly a great guideline for researching the veracity of information and to at least become aware of how one s own biases skew perception Should become mandatory reading in schools around the world First off this book was not what I expected I thought it would be a rather dry academic read It definitely was not I was immediately drawn into it I thought I was a relatively sophisticated consumer of news and media but I had some blind spots this book helped me find I had no idea how far back the history of fake news went and was both delighted and entertained while finding out In short this is a delightful book conveying an important message in an accessible way I wholeheartedly recommend it Separated into two main sections True or False guides the reader through the history of propaganda and media hysteria to explanations of identifiable misinformation commonly found online With her CIA background Otis insight into investigati. If I could pick one book to hand to every teen―and adult―on earth this is the one True or False is accessible thorough and searingly honest and we desperately needed it ―Becky Albertalli author of Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda A former CIA analyst unveils the true history of fake news and gives readers tips on how to avoid falling victim to it in this highly designed informative YA nonfiction title Fake news is a term you’ve probably heard a lot in the last few years but it’s not a new phenomenon Fro. ,

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On and recognition of false information is entertaining and educational The chapters on biases and cognitive dissonance along with how to fight back were especially impactful The book is easy to follow and includes several pictures and visual aides Teenagers and adults alike would benefit from reading especially in our modern age of social media and entertainment news Useful and entertaining for adults as well as teens I particularly like the author s application of scientific principles of evidence to evaluation of written content I think this will be very useful to both my science loving students many of whom don t get eually good grades in readingwriting classes and my students who excel in readingwriting classes but aren t as attuned to logical analysis needed in Math and Science classes The techniues and examples are clearly illustrated and the book is engaging There are even sample exercises IN THE BOOK I WAS TOLD BY TODAY THAT the book I was told by today that provision permits me to display a single page on a class room sized screen to discuss the material BTW Highly recommend for teachers who want to assign this book in Language Arts or Science classesto offer individual students extra credit for reviewing this bookto parents for family review and discussion One caveat while the author uses historical fake news examples spanning Roman times to presentsome examples from very current political events involve current politicians in office A very few school administrators or parents may interpret the #Inclusion Of These Examples #of these examples some ind of bias foragainst certain politicians For this reason I strongly suggest reviewing this book yourself before gifting it or assigning it to anyoneand make your own informed decision as to A which chapters or examples to discuss or B who would or would not be interested in reading this book Fake news Unbelievably thorough but always readable True or False covers the entire spectrum of bad information why we fall for it and what to do about the issue I m very familiar with many of these concepts and I still learned uite a bit The material is broken down into easily digestible portions with a wealth of unexpected examples inclu. M the ancient Egyptians to the French Revolution to Jack the Ripper and the founding fathers fake news has been around as long as human civilization But that doesn’t mean that we should just give up on the idea of finding the truthIn True or False former CIA analyst Cindy Otis will take readers through the history and impact of misinformation over the centuries sharing stories from the past and insights that readers today can gain from them Then she shares lessons learned in over a decade working for the CIA in.
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True or False: A CIA Analyst's Guide to Spotting Fake News

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